Share Four Somethings: September 2020

Fall has officially arrived.  The sun is taking longer to show up in the morning….which only makes me slower in getting started as well.  And, while the days are so gorgeous, the evening temps certainly are feeling like fall.  Even my mindset seems to have turned to fall.  I’m a bit of a homebody anyway but I can tell my body, mind and spirit are ready to “nest” and get cozy/stay cozy at home.  It really is the perfect weather for being outside, though, so I need to resist.  There will be plenty of months for staying put inside!!

All that to say that another month has almost ended – which means it is time to share another edition of  Share Four Somethings hosted by Heather Gerwig.   I enjoy this link-up and the chance to look back over this month that is about to be history!  Without further ado, here are this month’s thoughts regarding Share Four Somethings.

Something Loved.  I am loving all things fall (minus the PSLs, of course).  I have especially been loving more front porch time.  We so enjoy our time on the porch but last month the mosquitoes (and any and everything else that bites and stings) were driving me crazy.  It is so much nicer to be outside lately.  We also have a favorite neighborhood coffee bar.  They serve even better desserts than they do coffee.  Trust me – the blueberry bread pudding is amazing.  We really like to go and sit on their patio and enjoy these autumn evenings.

A few other things I am loving: time with my girlfriends…which has taken longer than I expected to get back on track; fall decor – both inside and on my porch; pansies and more pansies; and several double date evenings with friends lately.  We have tried some new restaurants and have not been disappointed yet:)

Something Read.  I actually read not one – but two – books this month.  I’m amazed myself!  I know it sounds pathetic but I have had the worst time finding, enjoying – and finishing – any books.  But, several times, Jennifer (@jenlloydgoodwin) recommended her favorite author, Robin Jones Gunn…and I decided to give her books a try.  The first, Engaging Father Christmas (yes, a Christmas book and no, I have no idea why I chose that particular book) was a novella (as in – short book) and I finished it in two evenings.  An easy and enjoyable read.  Maybe I was on to something.  The second one, Cottage by the Sea, took me a few more nights but I was just as engaged.  I am going to order a few more for pick up.  Who knows, I might become a reader again.

Something Treasured. Like I mentioned (um, multiple times….here, in other posts and on my Instagram!!), my son moved a month ago.  Hard to believe it has been a month already.  I miss him just as much as I predicted – but I have so enjoyed watching all the new things he has done.  The hurdles he has overcome, the challenges he has faced and worked through.  And the way he is charting his own path.  And I love (actually, I treasure) our relationship….and the way he stays in touch with his mama.

Something Ahead.  I feel as if I write something similar here each and every month.  Something about travel plans – or, more specifically, travel plans that were postponed or totally canceled.  Maybe I will jinx myself, but I am hoping that travel plans are once again something ahead.  Maybe not until November but that is okay.  The planning, discussing, and anticipating are half the fun of any trip.  I’ll hold back on the details…because I will be super bummed if these plans don’t work out.

I also mentioned last month that the guest speaker for our church revival was coming from California and I hoped his travel plans did not get interrupted.  Well, his flights were all canceled.  I should just stop mentioning travel hopes and plans!!  We did, however, have a wonderful revival – albeit “plan b” – but the week was a tremendous blessing and encouragement.

I have no idea if you are thumbs up or thumbs down with PSL.  Some of you are still in the phase of “feels like summer but I’m telling myself it is fall!”  Still others have had so many natural disasters and heartaches to deal with…it doesn’t really matter what season it is.  But I pray for those who have been so devastated.  Actually, I’m just praying.  Praying for our country. Our churches.  For the upcoming elections.  And the list goes on.   So often I have no words.  But I can pray.  What a privilege and a responsibility!

16 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: September 2020

  1. Love your Autumn banner and feature picture of pumpkins! My ‘loved’ choice this month is September, so a bit of a shared theme there 🙂 Glad to hear you managed to have a church conference – something I’ve really missed this year – we are still not meeting in a building…. All the best with your travel plans, and yes we are all placing ahead in God’s hands! #4

    1. Sure hope you will be able to meet for church again soon. There are so many restrictions in place…and, at times, they are so aggravating…but we really are blessed to be able to meet together! Sometimes, I take that for granted! Thanks for the reminder. Glad you stopped by today!

  2. I am enjoying the cooler weather, too! Alabama fall usually starts in the 90’s, but we’re enjoying 70’s – 80’s for now. I do like PSL, but chai lattes are my true fall drink of choice.

  3. Nice that you could have a church conference – I’ve missed the larger gatherings so much. I feel the same way about the hopes for travel plans constantly being postponed or changed. We are hoping to get away for a few long weekends before the end of the year, instead of a big fall vacation like we’d talked about back in spring.

    1. Hope those long weekends happen….several long weekends are often better than one big trip. (Minus the extra packing/unpacking events!!) 🙂

  4. Glad your son is settling down well with his move! I know what you mean about travel plans – we have plans for Oct (few days away up to the coast) and I’m keeping everything crossed that we get to go.

    1. Thanks, Wemi! I’m so happy for him (as you can probably tell!) Will certainly be praying your plans for October are “a go”!!

  5. Hello Jennifer! I found your blog through the Autumn Bucket List link-up. I’m so glad I did. I really enjoyed reading your four things. There is so much in life to enjoy…even in these difficult times. I’m wishing you lots of joy this fall!

    1. I’m glad you found your way here as well! You are right about all there is to enjoy – I want to be intentional in doing so!! Hope you come by often!

  6. I’m glad you found an author to re-engage with regular reading. When I get stuck in a rut, I usually try to pick something shortish with a ton of good reviews or a personal favorite.

  7. I really like these posts. Hope they will continue into the new year and maybe I can join in.
    So glad your son is moving forward and doing well despite the hurdles that have come his way. We all face them, I guess, when we start out. He is a good kiddo to stay in touch with his mama. Great photo of him.
    Yay for porch and patio time. We don’t have much trouble with bugs biting but for us it’s the heat. I hope this week we can get back to having smoothies on the back porch before we start our day. We need to get up earlier instead of hitting snooze 2-3 times. We don’t really snooze, we just lay there dreading the next ring of the alarm. Going to try harder to get up!!
    Praying for our country, our government, our leaders, our first responders and soldiers is a fulltime job. I start praying and can’t stop, there’s always another prayer to pray. Sometimes I fall asleep in the midst of prayer. It is a great blessing like you said and huge responsibility.

    1. Smoothies on the back porch – that sounds lovely! I hope your week allows for a few of those!! And I totally relate to beginning to pray and it simply leads to more prayer needs and more prayer. So true! Thanks for the sweet compliments on my son. He is definitely a keeper:) Have a great week, friend!!

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