A Smile Award

Imagine my surprise…to open my very own, new little blog and find an award!! I cannot even remember the last time I was given an award…how sweet it is to have so many new blogging friends. Thank you very much, Heather, for my Smile Award!! (Wow, I even like the name of it….) As Heather explained, the characteristics of the Smile Award are:

1……You must display a cheerful attitude. (well, I try…of course, I usually don’t long on or publish a post when I’m in a grouchy mood!)
2……You must show love to others. (my new friends are all so nice that this one is easy)
3……You must make mistakes. (oh boy…got that one covered!)
4……You must learn from others. (and that is the fun part….things I have learned so far: many great recipes, how to enjoy the important things in life, some really terrific decorating ideas…just to name a few)
5……You must be a positive contributor to blogging. (hope so)
6……You must love life. (That I can say for sure, is the truth!)
7……You must love kids. (Another one I know for sure…)

As with most things..there are a few rules to follow when receiving the Smile Award. And those are:

1……You must link back to the award creator. (Will give this my best shot…not exactly sure how to “link” anyone or anything???)
2…..You must post the rules if you are a recipient. (so noted)
3…..You must choose 5 people to pass the award to. (will do)
4…..You must post the characteristic of the award and fit the characteristics of the award. (see previous paragraph..)
5……You must create a post sharing your win with others. (ta da)
6……You must thank the giver of the award. (see line two!!)

Whew….that was alot to get started but now, I can hand out awards….

For Tammy – http://tammynischan.blogspot.com/ – what an amazing testimony she and her family share….her blog is always an encouragement to me!!
For Faith – http://walkwithmebyfaith.blogspot.com/ – the love she has for Emma (see #7 above) is so obvious and so much fun to read about….
For Giggles – http://tlsgiggles.blogspot.com/ – she is new at this too but her blog is fun to read….keep us posted!
For Heather – http://quietrest.blogspot.com/ – such a sweet blog that I enjoy reading every day
And, for Marybeth – http://www.marybethwhalen.com/ – one of the first blogs I started following…I really don’t know how she does it all!?!
Well, that was alot of work for me…but it was fun. For all of my new friends, thanks for visiting my blog. It is a blessing to know a bit about each of you through your blogs as well.

6 thoughts on “A Smile Award

  1. Thank you Jennifer! I am just now seeing this because of my bloglines woes, but I appreciate your sweet words so much!

    P.S. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! I hope you have had a great weekend!

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