Mr. Andy

I couldn’t wait for the chance to share my newest “friend”….We were spending the evening with friends in a local historic town-dinner and shopping-when I spotted this guy! Of course, there was just no way I could leave him behind. I think he looks right at home on my red hutch – a favorite that I bought from a new (and good) friend earlier this year when she and her family were transferred. (Did you recognize it, Jen?)

I don’t even collect Raggedys (now sheep…that’s another story) but this cute guy could make me seriously consider it! Happy Hump Day!

6 thoughts on “Mr. Andy

  1. I have a soft spot for “Raggedys”. I have an old, old Raggedy Ann book that features Marcella, their “girl”. It’s beautiful. I love your Andy on your red shelf.

    I was so happy to see your name on my birthday–shamelessly happy about my day I know!


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