A Story, A Lesson and A Praise!

Hello my fun blogging friends. I have been without a computer since my last post – last Wednesday – and have missed not only adding my own two cents but also not being able to read your thoughts. So nice to spend the quiet of Sunday afternoon (always a nap zone at our house) to “catch up” a bit.

Last week, we noticed the computer was “acting a bit funny” with random pop-ups about being infected…..and yada yada. Indeed, it was infected – this wonderful “courtesy” warning was actually the virus. Wednesday morning, Hubbie announced he had to take the computer for some much needed “help”….no problem, I thought. However, he did not return with the computer. In fact, he had to leave it overnight and then we were told on Thursday morning the computer was going to have to be wiped clean. Without warning – and without my saving precious files anywhere else!

I was devastated. Files of baby pictures. Files of poems, letters, songs I have written to Tyler, devotionals I’ve done. Files of work done, work to be done and work that I am now doing. All gone because I had neglected to back them up on a disk or memory stick.

As I try to do when I am overwhelmed, I asked God, “What am I supposed to learn from this?” (This, of course, after the many cries of “WHY???”) And there was much to be learned – such as always back up your files! – but in the midst of it, my heart heard God say, “I have no back up file.”

As I thought about that – what a blessing that was to me. When God forgives….He (permanently) deletes all record of my sins, my failures, and the stain of my past. I, on the other hand, am way too often returning to my past – especially during those “overwhelming” moments. But God is not reminding me of past mistakes or bringing up the regrets of yesterday…..He has forgiven – and forgotten! Thank you, Lord.

And, after my lesson from the Lord….the story has a happy ending! Hubbie returned with the computer – and ALL the files intact. Nothing had to be wiped off….except the nasty virus! Yayhoo. I guess there is something else to be done this afternoon. Backing up files!!

10 thoughts on “A Story, A Lesson and A Praise!

  1. What a blessing to have everything returned. I love this post and I will be saying to myself today, “God has no backup files.” You are a blessing this morning.

  2. What an encouraging post–and a great reminder of how much God loves us and has forgiven us. So often, I, too, go back into the past–“God can’t use me because…” But I know God has forgiven me and wants to use me! Thank you for being a blessing.

    So glad to hear that all your files came back untouched! Yeah!

  3. Jennifer~
    So relieved to learn that all was not lost, afterall! Wow…such a powerful post! You are so right on! Thank the Good Lord that He doesn’t have any backup files! That truly is a blessing!

  4. Hey Jennifer,
    Thanks for stopping by my place. The reading for this week:
    24-Mar Proverbs 7
    25-Mar Titus 1
    26-Mar Titus 2
    27-Mar Titus 3
    28-Mar Psalms 32-33
    29-Mar Proverbs 8
    30-Mar Philemon

    Then we all just share a particular verse or passage that spoke to us during our reading. You can either just comment – or if you blog about it … just link on my page so that we can all enjoy together our Tuesday in the Word. 🙂
    Look forward to meeting with you.
    Sweet Blessings

  5. glad to see you’re back! that’s great you didn’t lose all your important files. that would have been a total bummer. atleast now you know to back up everything going forward!

  6. What a great post… and I’m so glad that it had a happy ending along with a good lesson! (btw, I got a great external hard drive.. 160 gb, totally easy to use.. for $60 at Walmart. And, I realized that my Norton AV software also offers online backup, so I’ve backed up important files there in the event of a fire or something that would wipe out both my computer and external drive. But you’re right.. I’m sure glad God doesn’t keep back up files of all of my sins… !

  7. Glad to hear that everything was saved. But what a great lesson to share of how God wipes our slates clean! Glad that you are back in “blogland”!!

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