Summer Devotional

June is almost over.  Summer-time schedules are in full swing.  That can make things busy but it can also make us a bit more unstructured, even lackadaisical, with our otherwise good habits.  So often, our time with the Lord can be lost in lazy mornings and on-the-go, fun-filled days. 

I wanted to take a minute to introduce a great resource to keep you focused and in the Word.  This devotional, written by Sarah Frazer (who is a missionary wife – soon to be headed to Honduras – and busy mom of five) is full of pretty pages filled with a plan to keep reading and then to thoughtfully consider the reading.  To meditate and glean truth – making your time in the Word more than a checked box on your to-do list.

It is on 40 days long – so you can start anytime.  And, although written for “busy moms”…all ladies will enjoy it.  And benefit.  Visit Sarah’s blog in order to purchase.  Its only 10 dollars!!

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