A Quick Prayer Request

I did not really intend to “leave” posts for the days while I am in Thailand; however, on Wednesday, the 20th, we will be working in a Thai prison.  The missionaries have a ministry of teaching English, followed by a Bible study.  I do not know many details – how many women attend, etc. – but I was asked to have a lesson prepared and may have a chance to teach.  No doubt, there will be plenty of chances for me to step out of my comfort zone while I am away.  I’m sure I do not know all of them…but, for sure, ministering in a women’s prison will not only be a first but will also be way out of any comfort zone I have. 

I am excited for the challenge.  But more anxious than excited.  And eager to see what God can teach me through this opportunity.  If you are reading this post on Wednesday, please pray especially for the women in prison, the ones attending Bible study and for our team as we work with them.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Prayer Request

  1. That desire to bargain to get what we want is so truly human and defeating. I succumb and then catch myself realizing that he wants the best for me and has opened the doors to my freedom. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I’m eager to hear if you were able to teach or if not what activity took its place. You are a great role model to us to get out of our comfort zone and allow God to stretch us to use us .

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