Summer’s Bounty: Ten of My Favorite Foods This Season

One of Tuesday’s prompts, for this month’s Currently post, was “eating” and reading everyone’s thoughts on what tasty summer food they have been recently enjoying was, well, mouthwatering!  So many yummy things to enjoy during the summer.  Yes, I do enjoy autumn’s rich, warm, often heavy – and always cheese-laden – comfort foods.  Of course, I do.  But the foods of summer are just so tasty and I am not guilt-ridden after enjoying them.  In fact, I just feel good eating during the summer!

Today I am sharing ten of my favorite summer foods.   I will be linking with my friend, Leslie, and others who will be sharing their favorites.  I’ll also share my absolute favorite thing to eat.  Hands down.  That’s at the end:)  First, the best of the best.  In my opinion.

Berries.  I really enjoy all the berries.  But blueberries are the best.  And it is National Blueberry month so a perfect place to start.  I love blueberries all by themselves…but also love them on oatmeal, on yogurt, or in smoothies.  I love them on salads and, of course, baked into muffins or bread.

Soft serve ice cream.  Honestly, ice cream is something that I can take or leave…any other time of the year.  But something about ice cream in the summer is delightful!  But, for me, it has to be soft serve.  Sadly, I have not had much (um, any) ice cream yet this summer.  I gave up sugar and, for some reason, our local soft-serve stands have stopped offering sugar-free.  They say it is due to covid.  Huh??  I am on the hunt……

Salad.  I eat salads all year but, again, they are just delicious in the summer.  Farmstand produce makes them extra yummy.  And, of course, I can always throw on some blueberries….for salad perfection:)

Avocado.  These are another great salad enhancer.  I also enjoy them on my breakfast sandwiches, with my burritos, sometimes in my smoothies, and, of course, as guacamole.  But can anyone tell me how to get an avocado to last more than a day?  I don’t buy them often because I way too often end up wasting half!

Corn on the cob.  It only tastes great in the summer.  My husband does not like corn still on the cob.  I have no idea – but I rarely have it.  So when I do, I enjoy it with all the corn on your face gusto you can imagine!

 Iced tea.  There really is no other drink for the summer.  Lemonade is a no-go for me.  And I truly do not understand the fascination of coffee poured over ice.  If you want an ice-cold, thirst-quenching, delightful summer drink… is iced tea (with no lemon!!)

Limas.  I was raised on limas – and other southern staples.  Much like peas (or other vegetables), you either love them or hate them.  I love ’em!!

 Okra.  This is one of those “other southern staples” that my mother loved to cook.  Like most southern staples, she fried it.  And she loved it!  Me?  Not so much as a child.  But, these days, I love okra…and I only eat it fried!

Squash.  Yellow squash is another veggie that is just so yummy when it is lightly breaded and fried.  Or, just pan-seared.  I eat it almost every day during the summer.  I enjoy it in casseroles as well but simple is definitely my favorite.

Grilled fish or black bean burgers.  Summer just seems to scream grilling…and I love something tasty right off the coals; however, we are not great grillers.  It really is a shame.  A shame not only that we miss out on much of summer’s tasty grilled favorites but also a shame what we do to the foods we barbeque.  Quite shameful.

Any one of those ten tasty foods could be my favorite – well, maybe not the grossly overdone and dried-out burgers from the grill…sigh.  However, if I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, I know exactly what it would be.  I may have given it away with the photo:)  Yes, greek yogurt topped with granola and fresh blueberries…then lightly drizzled with local honey.  I have no words!!  The best thing ever!!

What is your favorite food?  Summer food or simply the best ever?  I hope you will share..and that you will have the tastiest weekend ahead!!

4 thoughts on “Summer’s Bounty: Ten of My Favorite Foods This Season

  1. I have fresh fruit (always with strawberries and blueberries usually with pineapple too), granola, and greek yogurt for breakfast just about every single morning for breakfast. I love topping my salads with fresh fruit all summer long too and we eat corn on the cob as well as zucchini/summer squash at least once a week until we can no longer find them in stores or at farm stands.

  2. I could easily eat an entire avocado to keep from having to figure out what to do with the other half…but I shouldn’t. Have been doing a lot of baby spinach salad at lunch. Maybe I could start incorporating avocado in it. Do you brew your iced tea? I used to brew it years ago. Had an iced tea brewer or machine. Guess I could try making it in my coffee maker. I love it but PC doesn’t drink it. Love yellow squash mixed with cream of chicken soup and cheese and fried onions. Mmmm!!

    1. Oh boy, Leslie, I think I need to make my squash like that tonight!! Yum!! And, I certainly do brew my tea..well, if brewing means adding tea bags to a saucepan of water and bringing it to a boil!!:)

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