Ten of the Tenth: The School Edition

Something a little different for today.  Just for fun – and to acknowledge this first day of school for this (no doubt) unusual and interesting school year!  The public schools in Virginia (at least, this northern part of the state) have just about always started on Tuesday after Labor Day.  They certainly did when I was in school.  Summer ended on Labor Day…and school started the day after.  My children did not go to public school and our Christian school always began the week before.  I eventually got used to it but summer still officially ended – in my mind – on the Tuesday after Labor Day!  There were no buses this morning.  No one racing down the street to meet said bus:)  And not one of the neighbors taking the first day of school photos on the porch.  Sigh.  But I do pray it is a good year.  For students, for teachers and for parents!

Today’s post is a back to school edition of Ten on the Tenth.  Ten questions about school for me.  Yes, school way back in the day. When teachers used chalk and blackboards.  When morning announcements were made over a loudspeaker.  When I carried my Bible to class.  In public school.

My school years are not full to the brim with great memories.  Not bad memories either.  But just ordinary – if not rather awkward – years that I would never need to repeat.  Nevertheless, I am going to attempt these questions.  The link-up (as the name implies) is on Thursday; however, I post on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I will just be a tad early:)

What does back to school look like in your home or community this year?  The public schools are all virtual.  There is talk this might change sometime the beginning of 2021…at which point, I would think “why bother?” but I really don’t have an opinion…or a vote.  The private schools that I know about are all in session and classes are all in person.

Does your state or city offer a back to school tax-free weekend?  I think so. I know they have in the past.  With no back to school shopping to be done here….I am obviously out of the loop.

Do your children wear school uniforms?  If so, what do they look like?  If not, is there a strict dress code in place?  What are your thoughts on school uniforms?  Did you wear a uniform?  My children started wearing uniforms about halfway through school (around middle school) because the school changed policies and implemented them.  It was needed and certainly made things easier but I’m glad they did not have to wear them in those first years.  I enjoyed shopping for school clothes – even making some dresses and jumpers for my daughter – and just how stinkin cute they all looked each morning going to school!!  School uniforms are a good idea in theory; however, I have rarely seen them enforced effectively – or really done much good.  I did not wear a uniform when I was in school.  I remember girls were not allowed to wear pants to school (in our public school) but they were required to wear shorts under their dresses if they were going to use the playground at recess.  Imagine that.  Brilliant:)

What did you want to be when you were growing up?  Did you plan to go to college?  I always wanted to be a journalist.  I have loved words, grammar, writing, editing – and words! – for as long as I can remember.  I also just assumed I would go to college (which I did) because there was never any other option offered to me.

What sports did you play, what clubs were you in?  Were you a cheerleader?  No sports for me.  I attempted Track one semester simply because my friend was on the team.  It was a disaster from day one.  There is not an athletic bone in my body.  Three days of track practice was all the confirmation I’ve ever needed!  Definitely not a cheerleader either.  I actually tried out for that once as well.  Where was anyone to be my voice of reason during those junior high years?!?!

Did you buy lunch or take lunch?  If you took lunch from home, who made your lunch?  What was your favorite school lunch?  I took my lunch every day.  In a brown bag – very practical of my mother who made my lunch every day.  I don’t think I have ever eaten a school lunch…although I know the lunch ladies worked early hours and long days to provide lunches for our elementary school!  They were not appreciated nearly enough!

To what group or click did you belong?  Well, obviously, I was not with the jocks…or the cheerleaders – ha!  And we really did not have that many groups.  Life was so much simpler.  Other than the jocks, there were the nerds – which had much more to do with being super smart than a lack of social skills.  I was not super smart.  So, I was just “ordinary” like all the other ordinary kids:)

Did you spend much time in the library?  What was your favorite class?  Ok, Leslie, who hosts this link-up was a librarian…so I really do hesitate to say this but I don’t think I knew (or even know) where the library was in my high school?!  Surely we had one…but where was it?  Clearly, I’ve come along way!  Sorry, Leslie.

What are some of your favorite high school memories?  Have you returned for any class reunions?  No class reunions for me and I already mentioned my lack of amazing memories; however, in eighth grade and again in ninth grade, our amazing English teacher took the Honors English students on a class trip.  The first year we went to New York City!  We returned the second year….on our way back from Quebec.  For me….it might as well have been to the moon!  Before those trips, I had never been anywhere other than Florida for family vacations and I certainly had never gone away without my family.  Both of those were beyond fun, so well planned and one fun thing after another (um, Broadway musicals!) and were full of enough memories to more than compensate for the rather bland and uneventful last four years of school!!

How old were you when you started school?  Did you have a favorite teacher?  Public school kindergarten did not become official until the year after I started school.  I did attend a kindergarten type program at a local church but did not actually start school until first grade – and I was six.  My favorite teacher was – without a doubt – was the English teacher I mentioned above.  And not because of the amazing trips!  She loved English.  She loved teaching and she loved students.  And all three were obvious.  She developed my love for writing and pushed me to not only believe in myself and to challenge myself but also to think outside the box.  The little box that my mind was back then.  It was hard but exciting for that awkward junior high girl back then – but it was life-changing.  Being in Carol Tomlinson’s English class was life-changing!!


15 thoughts on “Ten of the Tenth: The School Edition

  1. This is such a timely post as we pray for all of the student, and teachers and parents too, in this different kind of schoolyear! No matter how different things are, some things remain the same. I pray that God will protect our children, and bring encouragement to all those who lead them. Blessings to you today, Jennifer, and thanks for the sweet memories too!

  2. So glad you played along. I enjoyed learning more about you from your responses. I didn’t visit the library much either. And can’t remember any of my librarians’ names. Waaaa!!

    Our mothers were so dear to make all of those paper bag lunches, weren’t they? I make Paul’s lunch most days and it is hard to think of something exciting to send, especially when we are trying to watch what we eat. My siblings and I didn’t eat sandwiches with the exception of PBJ so my mom had a time!!

    I feel the same way about school uniforms. Glad my girls had the freedom to dress the way they liked. I enjoyed fixing their hair every morning and dressing them up. Back in my day which was probably 20 years before your day, we couldn’t wear pants to school either. Not until 6th grade which was 1968. And then only really when it was cold.

    1. The librarians’ names?!? Oh my. Poor souls – totally underappreciated! Thanks for hosting the link-up. I’m looking forward to reading the responses…will probably do so this afternoon. After I get a jump on some fall decorating around here:)

  3. I love these questions. I grew up wanting to be a teacher and my dream came true. I still think of the year beginning with a new school year and ending in June with bonus days in the summer.

  4. I don’t think I ever really saw the point in uniforms, so I’m glad I didn’t have to wear one! Your English teacher sounds amazing- I think she would be my favorite too! I forgot that we did go to a few Broadway musicals with our Drama Club and they were a blast!

  5. Haha! I can’t believe you didn’t know where your school library was! Our schools usually start before labor day but this year none of them started until after and all with some sort of hybrid plan between in person and virtual learning. My grandmother was a school cafeteria worker and while I loved her cooking at home I never ate school food either except maybe on pizza day.

  6. I love seeing how different schools are across the US. We always started in August, but it seems like many others started after Labor Day. I LOVED pizza day. That is my kids favorite day at school too!

    1. Trisha, always glad when you come by the blog…and take the time to comment!! Thanks….here’s to a great week ahead!

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