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I am still in full summer mode over here.  Summer heat and humidity are through the roof but I’m just maxing the relaxed summer feel as long as I can.  Of course, being an empty nester totally helps:)  One of the counties next to me actually began school today.  What?  That is early (in my book) but most of the other counties start in the next week or two.  My friends teaching at private schools also start in the next couple of weeks.  So, it’s only fitting that this month’s Ten on the Tenth has a back-to-school type of theme.  It’s all about school days (mine were so long ago) and learning.  Should be fun…so let’s get started.
  1. How old were you when you started school? Did you attend pre-kinder and/or kinder or go straight into first grade?  I attended an (almost) brand new elementary school; however, kindergarten was not required, and then added, until the year after I began.  I attended a private kindergarten-type program at a local church, but I don’t know if it was “officially” kindergarten.  Even now, though, I remember that I loved it.  Actually, I just loved school.  At least, elementary school:)
  2. Were you a good student? What was your favorite subject?  I was always a good student.  Is that why I enjoyed school?  Or was I a good student because I enjoyed school?  Hmmm.  Favorite subject has always been English or anything remotely related to it!
  3. As a child, did you take music lessons? Or play a sport? Do you still play an instrument now?  I took piano lessons outside of school but (sadly) would not say I play the piano now.  So very sad.  In school, we were given recorder lessons and I was in a recorder ensemble.  Big stuff, let me assure you.  I played the alto recorder.  Like a boss!  Sports!?!  I do not have an athletic bone, or remotely similar inclination, in me.  I barely have a competitive spirit and/or appreciation for athletics.  Just being honest.
  4. Did you attend any kind of training or classes beyond high school? If so, what did you study?  Did you wind up working in a profession or job for which those classes or training prepared you?  I went to college for two years (working towards my bachelor’s – I do not have an associate’s) and studied…..English, of course!  I met my husband during the summer between my sophomore and junior years.  The rest is history:)
  5. Have you taken any personal growth or adult education classes for fun?  I think I have to say “no” which makes me feel rather sad.  And pathetic.
  6. What would you like to learn how to do that you don’t know how to do already?  I desperately want to learn to play the clarinet, to speak Spanish and to learn sign language.  Time for those adult education classes, don’t you think??
  7. Name something that was a struggle for you to learn to do.  A group of friends tried to teach me to crochet.  They make it look soooo easy.  I tried – and tried again – but it just is not going to happen.  I have resigned myself to that fact.  Much the same with sewing.  I have some of the most patient friends and they are willing (and good) teachers but this girl just cannot work with her hands well.
  8. What’s the last thing you remember learning? What kind of learner are you: visual, auditory, hands-on/kinesthetic, verbal, logical/mathematical?  Hands-on learner.  Unless it involves yarn.
  9. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks, school of hard knocks, pass with flying colors, learn by heart, burn the midnight oil, pull an all-nighter, play hooky – which of these expressions best fits your life lately? Why?  For sure and for certain….it is hard to teach an old dog anything.  Why?  because I am an old dog!!  There are things I want to learn and others I would love to improve, perfect and/or do better.  But – the struggle is real folks.
  10. Share your favorite learning/education quote.  There are lots of good quotes.  Lots of them. But in this stage of life, one of my greatest joys is teaching Junior Church.  I prepare lessons, rework crafts to fit a wide range of ages, have a blast creating a fun classroom, and just enjoy the children – all simply for the joy of it.  Not as a job or even, per se, as a ministry.  But for the joy.  As a young adult (even as a teenager), I was constantly told I should be a teacher.  God had gifted me with the abilities and personality to be a teacher, I was told.  However, I knew better. Or so I was convinced.  I was going to be a journalist and record the world in print.  Many years later, I know how wonderful it is to be – and to do – exactly what God created me to do.  (The above photo was taken while I was helping teach English to monks while on a missions trip to Thailand – amazing for me!!) And, these days, when I’m in that basement classroom, I can just. be. me… and, I pray, God will use those Sunday morning minutes to soften, shape, and mold little hearts for Him.  Not because I have a powerful story, super catchy songs, or an impressive craft but because they see a bit of Jesus through me.  This quote, by Jim Henson (in Its Not Easy Being Green) sums it up for me.  “[Kids] don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”

14 thoughts on “Ten on the Tenth – All About School

  1. How neat to come into teaching so late in life and find your groove with it! I can sew but knitting and crochet have always been beyond my skill set despite how much I try. My mom and sisters can all knit and crochet and make amazing things but I can barely make a single strand of loops with yarn.

    1. It has been quite a bit of fun – teaching the younger ones!:) So glad you stopped by today, Joanne!! Thanks –

  2. OH I hear you about not being able to crochet. I also have several friends that crochet and/or knit. And I thought during the long months of lockdown would be the time I’d finally get it together; nothing fancy, just some of the simple patterns, even a square, but alas it is not to be.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today – it’s not too late to join in with the SPSH – there’s no rules about how many items you need to find 🙂

    1. Hi Mary-Lou! I’m glad I am not the only one struggling with yarn:) I also had high hopes for covid crochet!! I just might try the photos (something else I tend to struggle with. Sigh.)

  3. Oh, another English/language arts lover! Dutch (my native language) was my favorite subject in school until I became good enough at English to use it for online communication. Then it was English. I totally feel you on learning to crochet. I can make the loose stitches they do for finger crocheting and the like, but not well and I don’t know any other stitches.

    1. So interesting how many English fans there have been!! And I noticed lots of “really good students” as well!!:) I’m glad you stopped by today, Astrid!

  4. Wow, I wondered about that image at the beginning of your post. Now I know the story behind it. Cannot imagine trying to teach English to anyone. It is such a hard language to learn. I think you need to pick up Spanish on Duolingo with me!! I had set it aside for a month or so but want to return to it. Two other bloggers we both know are doing Spanish with Duolingo, too.

    I am sure you are a wonderful teacher for the children in your Junior Church class. There is something about teaching, that if you like it and are good at it, it can be so rewarding. Have heard another quote similar to that Jim Henson quote about people don’t remember what you said or did but how you made them feel. I am sure you make those children feel very cared for and valued.

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