Ten on the Tenth…and It’s All About Spring

Tomorrow is Leslie’s Ten on the Tenth…and the topic is spring!  Well, count me in.  We have had a bit of a “mock spring” and it is definitely a bit chilly again yesterday and today.  But, what does it matter – my mind is so set to spring mode so, I say, let’s chat a bit about spring (and/or spring-like things!  Honestly, some of these questions just me laugh:)

I – Which season do you like best?  List your favorite thing about spring.  This season is definitely my favorite!  There is something cozy and comfy about fall (and I love fall decor) but spring is still the best.  I love the Easter season.  The connection between Easter’s significance and everything coming back to life so beautifully (after the death that is winter!) is not lost on me!  The flowers.  The budding trees.  The grass turning green.  All of it just speaks to my soul.  My father, his father, and I’m sure many generations of grandfathers before that were natural gardeners.  Not in the sense of growing vegetables (we never once had a garden when I was a child) but lovers of beautiful gardens and lawns.  Each of them would cultivate flowerbeds and yards worthy to be on magazine covers.  I did not inherit that gene (maybe it was intended for the men??) but I know the lingo:)  I never cease to get overly excited when those first blooms pop out!!  Every spring I find myself whispering to my dad, “Would you look at those redbuds!” or “The forsythia is just about fully opened!”  We’ve had those conversations so many times.  I know he is smiling and nodding from above:)

2 – What puts spring in your step? What does your favorite pair of shoes look like?  Happy music makes my feet move.  Spring weather, or open the windows kind of weather, makes me feel good as well.  Makes me want to get outside.  Go for a walk – with an extra spring in my step!  My favorite shoes are flats.  Well, all my shoes are flats.  I’m that age.  But I really like my leopard print flats.  I actually have a couple of pairs.

3 – Around St. Patrick’s Day, we see lots of “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tees and images.  Are you Irish?  If not, what would your graphic tee read?  “Kiss me, I’m…..”  This is interesting because I have two natural redheaded children.  I’ve heard/read/been told that you must be Irish in order to be a natural redhead.  Is that true?  I have no idea but I have often wondered.  There are several redheaded cousins as well as older aunts (and maybe more that I never knew) with bright red hair.  It is quite gorgeous…..but our family never claimed to be Irish.  At all.  Ever.  (No red hair at all on my husband’s side).  My brother has even done the ancestry study and I do not remember any mention of Irish.  Who knows…but I do not think it would be on my t-shirt.  Mine would probably say something more along the lines of “Kiss Me, I’m Southern” – although, if I don’t get out of Dodge soon and get back to my roots (North Carolina and Tennessee), I’m not going to be able to claim that either!!

4 – What flowers would make your perfect spring bouquet?  What is your favorite floral fragrance?  I love tulips!  Definitely one of my favorite flowers but, honestly, I love yellow flowers (think forsythia…or daffodils!) with baby’s breath.  I just love baby’s breath with any flowers and in any arrangement!  I do not wear too many floral scents but my all-time favorite cologne is Coach (the original) and they have a floral scent.  It is called Floral Blush and I would quickly give that a try!  You know, if anyone were wanting to buy me some cologne for a gift……..

5 – Spring cleaning?  What’s your opinion and share a favorite cleaning tip or product.  I do not mind spring cleaning.  I very much pace myself and my husband is a big help.  Both of us enjoy how everything looks, smells and just feels fresh after a good deep clean which makes the work well worth it.  I don’t have many tips or tricks and I’m not exactly brand loyal but I do love cleaning with water and/or essential oil.  I can use it just about everywhere.  It’s simple, inexpensive, healthy, and smells great!!  I’m a huge essential oil fan.

6 – Slinkies are coiled spring toys.  Did you have one as a child?  What was your favorite toy?  I certainly remember slinkies and I think we had one.  Was it mine?  My brother’s?  I’m not sure but the novelty of it was very short-lived.  I do not remember being impressed.  During my elementary school years, playing Barbies was the best!  My friends and I had Barbie houses, campers, yachts, barns, and who knows what else!  We had entire Barbie families (communities) and we liked to make our own clothes and other accessories.  Years later, my daughter was never a huge doll – or Barbie – fan.  My mom tried to buy her some but she simply kept them on display on her bedroom shelves.  She eventually simply had collector Barbies – like Cinderella and Belle – thanks to her Mimi.  Sadly, they were all ruined in one afternoon by a playmate.  Such a sad (and traumatic) afternoon.

7 – When we “spring forward” next week, what will you do with that extra daylight?  I am so looking forward to evenings again on the front porch.  One of those simple pleasures that my husband and I enjoy so much!

8 – Will you be styling any of these trending colors for spring?  Soft lilac – sounds pretty but pastels are hit or miss with me (more often a miss); canary yellow – that does not even sound pretty; hot pink – definitely not my color (although I did see a man in my neighborhood yesterday with a bubble gum pink beard??!); salted caramel – sounds beautiful but seems like a fall color; scarlet – is that a red or a burgundy color because I love a beautiful burgundy color….and it usually looks good on me!; and sky blue – could also have possibilities.  Having said all that, I never shop according to trends or trending colors.  I shop for what I like….and with the clothes I’ve been seeing in the stores lately, I think that is going to be challenging.  Just sayin.

9 – What will you be reading this spring?  Do you have a favorite devotional routine?  I’m not a big reader.  Ok, I’m not a reader.  I would like to be – but I just am not.  I do, however, read my Bible every day.  My devotional time is in the morning.  I follow a Bible reading plan (am currently on a schedule to read through the Psalms, Proverbs and New Testament in six months) and I enjoy different reading plans/devotionals on the YouVersion app.  My husband and I also read the Bible together and use a devotional book (this year we are using one from Charles Stanley) every morning.  Mornings are just my favorite:)

10 – Share an inspirational or a spring quote.  I was looking for “a good one” and found several!  All so very true!  Enjoy my friends.  Thanks for stopping by.  Here’s to a wonder-filled spring ahead!!

“I enjoy the spring more than the autumn now. One does, I think, as one gets older.” — Virginia Woolf

“In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” —  Mark Twain

“Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.” — Doug Larson

13 thoughts on “Ten on the Tenth…and It’s All About Spring

  1. These were all so fun to read, Jennifer. I, too, am looking forward to spring. Although I don’t mind winter, by the time March rolls around, I’m over it. I am ready for green grass, flowers, and warmer (not hot!) temps. Unfortunately, March in Boise is generally pretty cold and still winter-like.
    Great quotes! I love season quotes, and I have accumulated some for every season. But the one we must remember right now is : “No winter lasts forever. No springs skips its turn.”


    1. Patti – for some reason, I did not realize you lived in Boise. Yes, I suppose winter is still alive and kicking in your parts!!:)

  2. This was fun to read! Your answers are so funny- about the slinky (I wasn’t impressed either) and about pastel colors in clothing. My dad was an avid vegetable gardener and my mom and avid flower gardener. I didn’t care much for either when I was younger (they represented work to me!) but now I am into both kinds of gardens (though neither my vegetable garden nor my flowerbeds are impressive). I am surprised that you aren’t much of a reader. You are a good writer and most good writers whom I have known are also readers. Hope you’re having a good, almost spring day! It’s sunny here but we are in a cool phase after our “mock spring” as well ;).

  3. Oh yes! Happy music and warm days where I can open my windows definitely make me want to get out and walk and skip around. That Mark Twain quote made me smile– you know he wrote his most famous works right here in CT and my boys and I have been to tour his home (known as the Mark Twain House). He was a very interesting character.

    1. Actually, I did not know that – but very interesting. I’ve never been to CT but will need to remember that:)

  4. Yellow flowers are so happy and cheery!

    I think that I have heard that red hair is not just Irish and Scottish but also Norse? Any Scandinavian type countries in your ancestry?

    I am not a pastel clothing person either. Lol.

    1. Hmmm – good questions. Yes, I do think there might be. I really should know the answers to these questions!

  5. I have been trying to find your blog since you leave me such nice comments – and here it is! You should do a DNA test to see if you are actually Irish! I don’t know if red hair is only from Irish heritage!

  6. Really enjoyed reading your responses. Such great answers to this month’s questions.

    My parents used to take us to the arboretum in Boston. The paths were lined with forsythia back then. What a heavenly fragrance. And those delicate yellow blooms. A very happy memory. I haven’t seen forsythia in years but did plant Sweet Broom and it smells a lot like I remember forsythia smelling. My father and mother took great effort to make our yard look nice. I never really understand all of that work until I had a home of my own.

    What a devastating afternoon that must have been when your daughter’s Barbies were destroyed by the playmate. I cannot imagine. I would have been out of my head had it happened to my daughters’ dolls or my own.

    Great quotes about spring. Last Friday we had all the weather in one day. Hope we are moving into spring completely now.

    Love the new profile pic. Have been meaning to say something and I forget every time. Oy vey!! Very pretty.

    1. So many things that we really did not appreciate all the effort and heart that was required – until we were so much older! A shame really. And, yes, the day the barbies “died” was traumatic, to be sure. For all of us!!:( Thanks for your kind compliment!! You are a sweet one –

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