6 thoughts on “Thank You to the American Soldier

  1. I know this is a meaningful day for you with that young man of yours serving all of us today! My father and father-in-law were vets and so is my husband, so I appreciate our tribute!

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for such a great blog… for so many creative entries!

    Thanks too for offering constant encouragement. Sorry I don't get by more often. This has been the busiest season I've ever been in!

    Praying for you today – for God to send you a sister who'll be a great sounding board for you!


  3. Jennifer…I know today is especially meaningful for you. I do pray for that son of yours just as often as the Lord draws him to my mind. Sooo many thanks to him, and to all of you for his dedication, sacrifice, and willingness to serve this country. He is soo appreciated…May the Lord watch over him sooo carefully and bring him safely and quickly home to you… Big HUGS to you today my friend!

  4. What a beautiful tribute! Our family is also very appreciative of our miliary who are graciously serving and protecting our freedom. Special thank you to your son, we feel like we 'know' him and on this special day, may he know so many are thinking and praying for him.

    Yes, since today is a holiday and our older boys (who go to public high school and college) are off of school, the youngest and I decided not to do school either! It's been a great day!

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