Thankful Thursday …. and I have tried all week to prepare this post…which has proved to be much more difficult that I thought. They were either too corny, too sticky sweet or just too emotional for me. Then again, just about everything as been emotional for me this week. This Thursday, however, finds me bursting with pride, over-flowing with love and, yes, so thankful for my soon to be USAF Airman…Jordan.

So, I guess I’ll skip the very beginning….of a baby eager to make his entrance, arriving a little early and a little too quickly…..and of a tow-headed toddler that I seriously thought would never talk! What was I thinking!! I’ll leave out the stories of “Mawn-mower Man”, “the Attack of a Crow”, “Natural” or even my personal favorite, “Younger Brother Gets a Cell Phone First!!” Although, trust me, those are all priceless stories!! I won’t even bore you with impressive weight training stats – you know, like full military presses of 205 pounds or clean and jerks of 190 pounds….I even know what those mean!! – or high ASVAB, SAT or PSAT scores (99th percentile in English!!!)

What I am so very grateful for is the time I’ve had with Jordan these last two and half years…and his unselfish love and support for me. Soon after Tyler was diagnosed, we made the decision to take both the boys out of the Christian school that all our children had always attended and to begin home schooling. (Our daughter stayed in school since she was in the middle of her senior year.) Can I just say – I LOVE home schooling!! I am so impressed, and even a bit envious, of the many mothers who are able to home school from the very beginning. When Tyler passed away, Jordan had two years of school left and we decided to continue at home.

That first year, I literally clung to Jordan. I did every class right along with him, shared every breakfast, lunch and even snack time with him, and became a gnat on his back, I’m sure. And Jordan never complained. He gave me a purpose – a real reason to get up each morning and to keep going. The next year, I was not quite as oppressive and began to give us both “space” – and Jordan some independence with his classes. He encouraged me, cheered me on, and always made me laugh! When we flew to Florida for his graduation with 300+ home schoolers, I was prouder than a peacock. I also thought Jordan was ready to “launch out”…I’m sure Jordan thought so, too.

He has been enlisted in the Air Force since May of last year and has been simply waiting ever since for the call to go. Who knew it took so long??? He has worked this past year and, yes, I have become more involved with my own things, but it has been a long nine months for Jordan. All of his buddies has gone off to college or settled into their “life after high school” and Jordan, bless his heart, has pretty much been here with ME…..still. Yet, he rarely complains. He continues to inspire me, love me, make me laugh and threatens to beat up anyone who even steals my smile!

In just four days…it is his turn! He will be leaving for Basic Training. Oh, I will miss that boy – but, even more…I am so excited for him. I know God has great plans ahead for him. I look forward to cheering from the sidelines..and even doing some traveling as I come to visit him around the world (but not the desert, son!!) I do love me an American Airman! Indeed!!

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  1. what a sweet and thoughtful post. your son sounds like a wonderful son, brother, friend, and most importantly, a man, a man who is going to serve his country. you let him know there are a lot of us out here who are proud of him too.

  2. Congratulations. I know you must be so proud of him.

    Thank him from us for his service to our country. We certainly appreciate those like him. (our brother-in-law is one too)

  3. Beautiful post, Jennifer!
    Yes, of course you are proud of him, and should be. You have done a great job raising him. We are all so proud of him, too. Such service to his country, his family, and his God!
    May God Bless you both in a very special way this week!

  4. Congratulations, Jennifer, and thank you to both Jordan and you (and the rest of your family). Because of Jordan’s willingness to serve, alongside others just like him, the rest of us enjoy freedoms in this country that are unprecedented. It’s a huge sacrifice, and I for one am deeply grateful. Godspeed, Jordan–may you always stay clothed in His armor as He covers you with His protection.
    Thankful for you…

  5. Jennifer~
    This was so great! You can definiitely feel the love and pride you have for your son! I just know he’s going to do incredible things with his life…I wish him only the very best!!!

  6. What a sweet post for your sweet son. I know you are so proud of him!!!

    I am so thankful for his willingness to serve, defend and protect our freedom. Please give him our thanks! I will keep him in my prayers as well!

  7. You brought tears to my eyes! My Tiny Boy is super special to me as well.

    There is just something about a mother/son bond.

    You did good momma! ♥

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