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I so enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on my previous “return to blogging” post. All of you are so encouraging and, as I expected, have so many good ideas for time management – and all sorts of things! One blogging friend suggested a website that was new to me and I have really enjoyed it. Have you been to MoneySavingMom?? I have really only scratched the surface but this site is full of good ideas, advice, recipes, menu ideas and tools to help make life easier:) And I’m all for that! There are also freebies….and I’m all about that, too!! This morning while I was quickly looking around there I came across some of her posts regarding baking day – setting aside a day for baking in bulk and freeezing for later. (There was a recipe for whole wheat waffles…yum!!) I have also heard of this idea with regard to cooking – not just baking – but I have never tried either one. Would love to know if any of you have such a day …baking, cooking or pre-meal planning?? Does it really work?? Although I don’t do nearly as much baking or cooking these days, I am all about advance preparation and time management in the kitchen:) Have a great Wednesday. Just a note – as I type this…there are nice divided paragraphs and easy to read sentences. I sure hope they actually post that way! (Yes, I have gotten advice on tyring to avoid posts like Monday’s post…but I had trouble with it. But, I’m working on it!)

4 thoughts on “Thanks for the Tip

  1. Good morning! yes, there is a wealth of imformation and encouragement from bloggers isn't there? I have my own "weird" problem with it (blogging) all recently, and I am trying to sort/pray my way through it. Not sure what I am going to do. As for doing my meal planning and baking in one day etc.? I did do that A LOT when my kids were home. Now I just slip into my freezer and select one of my "choices" of Jenny Craig, haha…simple, easy, and tasty. I have become all about simple and easy recently. Hope you have a wonderful day! HUGS

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