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Yesterday my boy had a birthday.  My Easter baby – born on Easter weekend.  Totally, not a boy anymore…but, of course, always “my boy” to this mama!  This was not the first birthday that we have been unable to celebrate together but, for some reason, Alaska felt awfully far away yesterday.  I think he had a good day.  He treated himself to sushi…which is totally not my favorite so glad he enjoyed that there:)  This photo is of him enjoying his birthday dinner!  (Rule #1 – no smiling for selfies.  You look weird.)

Just for fun, I thought I would make this month’s “Memory Lane” post…..well, just a bit about Jordan!  My second born…..and first son.  My pregnancy was challenging.  I was put on full bed rest around 32 weeks.  My first pregnancy was similar; however, this time, I had an 18-month old to care for.  Thank goodness for sweet friends who helped with childcare and for an amazing husband who did absolutely everything – including his full-time job.  Even on bed rest and with preventative meds, I went into labor four weeks early…and delivered in a little over an hour.  Unfortunately, I developed a postpartum infection and had to go back to the hospital.  I was distraught about leaving the baby but my very kind ob arranged for me to take him with me.  We were admitted to the surgical unit (it was quiet and we were “incognito”) and barely a soul knew that Jordan was there.  He was as quiet as a mouse and the model newborn:)

Until we arrived home.  Ha.  Jordan was not the happiest of babies.  We never really determined why but he pretty much cried through the first nine months of life.  Boy, we were tired!!  And then, rather randomly, he became the happiest of all little people!  Go figure – but we sure were grateful!  As a toddler, he was obsessed with his push lawnmower.  It went everywhere.  As did his striped blanket.  He was my only child to be attached to a blanket.  He also went through a strong dinosaur phase….a fun Godzilla phase and the unforgettable Daniel Boone phase!

Jordan was also a late talker.  Of course, his older sister was more than happy to do all the talking for him (and would often interpret his babbling for us – often to her best advantage!)  He had ear tubes inserted multiple times but I’m not sure they really helped or resolved anything.  Once he did find his words, well, he became quite the talker.  He still is quite the talker but his conversations are much deeper.  He really is a thinker (dare I say, overthinker….like his mom) and a great communicator.

Over the years, Jordan has fallen (rather far!) from a tree and was completely unhurt.  He almost drove a gocart into a swimming pool but was mercifully stopped by a hedge of bushes.  When he was two, he walked right off the deck of the pool into the deep end – and sank like a rock.  His dad was able to jump in and yank him up before he even knew what happened.  I can only imagine all that the Lord has actually saved him from!

After high school, he joined the Air Force.  He has also worked with our state’s DMV and has done a few different Americorps service years – which is how he landed in Alaska.  After this service year, he may extend and stay a bit longer in Alaska or he may follow his heart and head south.  He would love to be in the sunshine:)  He and I have such a wonderful relationship…for which I am so grateful and so very blessed!  I know these types of “Mom brag” posts are not always the most interesting – but I am very thankful to be his mom…..and thanks for indulging me!!

As I was looking through photos….it occurred to me that, my goodness, his dad and I were really (really!) young once!  Here’s one of us back then.  Just for fun.



9 thoughts on “The One All About Jordan

  1. Oh, sweet post about your son! Most of my blog is one big mom brag so you will not get a complaint out of me ;). On the contrary, I quite enjoyed reading it. I hope he had the best day celebrating in Alaska. It’s funny that he loves sunshine and he is clear up there (I mean, I’m sure the sun shines but it does not seem like it’s very warm for very long from what I’ve read). Love the pics of pictures- are those from scrapbook pages?

    1. They sure are – scrapbook pages that is! I used to so enjoy that hobby…but seem to have gotten away from it! The irony of him being in Alaska is quite funny actually!!

  2. On the contrary; I love reading throwback posts like this! What a sweet tribute to your son. He sounds like he gave you quite a run for your money when he was little with all those near death/ catastrophe experiences.

  3. You the best mommy I could have ever had and my best friend ever. You and dad are the reason I’m still here. I love you very muchly.

  4. I loved reading about your Jordan! I hope he had the best birthday and I’m so glad he was able to enjoy some birthday sushi! I wondered about how he ended up in Alaska, so that was interesting to read about his career and where it’s taken him. Thanks for sharing with us, my friend! I love the picture of you and your hubby at the very end. I love looking back on life, don’t you? How fortunate we are. Have a wonderful day!

    1. He did enjoy the sushi…?!?! Not a fan. He does not eat any other seafood…which is a shame. Alaska’s seafood is supposed to delish!! Glad you stopped by today!! Have a great one –

  5. I love this post and of course you should tell us about your sweet son!! Happy belated birthday to Jordan! I can relate to having an 18 month old child (boy) at home with a newborn, and my 2nd child (also a boy) was 3 weeks early, and I developed serious headaches after the delivery from sitting up too soon after the spinal block, so I had to go back to bed and lay flat on my back for a week, but fortunately was able to stay at home. Thankfully my mother and/or my mother in law came and took turns helping to care for the 18 mo. old and the baby since I couldn’t sit up. I did somehow manage to nurse him, however. Yeah, those memories are all special, and I am so glad you shared your son’s early story as well as his current life. Alaska sound wonderful, but I can imagine he’d like to get back to some warmth/sunshine after the long dark winter! Thank you for this story. Very special.

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