It’s Almost Easter – 2022 Edition

Happy Friday friends….and happy Easter weekend!  I pray everyone has a blessed and wonderful Easter!  Thank you to everyone who not only read Wednesday’s post (a bit of a Mom moment!) but even seemed to enjoy it!  I really appreciate the kind comments.  Jordan had a nice birthday and it was fun going through some old scrapbooks to find photos to share!

I was looking at some past Easter posts and came across a “Simple Woman’s Daybook” entry from over ten years ago!  I honestly did not realize that I was blogging that long ago?!  But, just for fun…I am going to repost my answers and then give today’s answer in bold afterward.  I honestly have not read all the way through this and even I am curious to see how similar or different my responses might be.  No doubt, there will probably be some commentary as well:)  Let’s get started….and, again, Happy Easter!!

Simple Woman’s Daybook for Monday, March 29, 2010 and Friday, April 15, 2022

Outside my window….it is overcast and the ground is trying to dry up from a good rain we had last night – everything is really greening up and Hubbie’s fertilizer really should be working on the yard!  Our cherry tree burst into full bloom, literally, overnight!  What a treat for Easter weekend.  We just reopened the windows.  Yesterday was an AC day but the temperatures are steadily falling…and Easter Sunday is forecasted to be cold.  Sigh.  My husband’s yard is looking lovely.  He cut the grass today..but he no longer does the fertilizing.  That job has been hired out – and the company does a great job!!

I am thinking…about Easter this week! Such a wonderful week for believers!… about everything I need to get done for Junior Church on Sunday.  We are having a sunrise service, a church breakfast, and then a morning service.  I also have several other things going on before Sunday so I need to be ready..well, yesterday!  

I am thankful for….the death, burial, and RESURRECTION of my Savior – and that I heard the gospel message from a young age. I was twelve when I accepted Christ but I grew up in a Christian home (so thankful) and heard of Christ’s love for me as early as I can remember. I am thankful for my parents, our church back then, my pastor and my earliest Sunday school teacher who made such an impact on me.   Would not change a thing with that answer!  I might add that I am thankful for the church family I have now as well as the privilege of working with the Junior Church kiddos every week!

I am wearing…Christmas socks!! so goofy but they are comfy on my feet:)  A skirt that did not fit me three weeks ago!  High five to keto!!  I have no idea why I was wearing Christmas socks!?!

I am remembering…all the Easters spent in North Carolina with my parents when the children were little. Mom’s food was amazing and, in addition to egg hunts, Mom and Dad always had pinatas at Easter for the kids! To say they loved it would be a huge understatement!  How cute my kiddos were at Easter:)  My mom always bought the three of them matching outfits.  Easter was so much fun!!

I am going….to get a lot done at home this week (there now I am committed… it’s written on the blog!) …to a bridal shower this weekend…and I get to help decorate tomorrow.  I’m so excited for this bride and looking forward to seeing several friends that I have not seen in years!

I am reading…the beginning of my new study for the rest of the semester at Bible study. Just getting started but lots of good information. It’s called “The Trusted Friend.”…an interesting book that I found in the Easter display at the library today.  Stories Behind the Traditions and Songs of Easter by Ace Collins.  The explanations of some of Easter’s traditions are interesting but I just love hymn stories.  The back story of some of your favorite songs and hymns.  And this book has a lot of them!!

I am hoping…my sweet senior friend, Paul, comes home from the hospital this week – and that good, reliable and consistent care can be arranged for him when he does. There are so many needs for him and his sweet wife….that Jordan has a good Easter and that his goodies from home will arrive on time.  Also hoping that all goes well with my upcoming trip to Texas.  I have heard or read “travel horror stories” (as in, canceled flights, hours of sitting on the tarmac, lost luggage, etc.) almost daily over the last week.  I’m beginning to get spooked.  My sweet friend, Paul, and his dear wife are both in Heaven now.

On my mind….what Jordan will be doing this first Easter (another holiday!) away from home. I’m sensing a trend of separated holidays – and that makes me sad.  The Christians in Ukraine.  The entire situation in Ukraine.  It always seems to be on my mind – to some degree or another.  

From the kitchen… planning Easter menus – for myself as well as helping Erica plan hers. Won’t be surprised if they are very similar:)….making cupcakes for Easter morning.  The kiddos are going to decorate them to look like sheep (super easy with mini marshmallows).  We have been studying shepherds in the Bible for the last three weeks and this week – The Good Shepherd!!:)  Just a note:  I totally have no recollection of ever helping Erica plan an Easter menu!!?  It must have happened because the blog says it did!

Around the house…not much going on…we have been spending our time, energy (and money) working outside – which is okay because we both enjoy that!  The doggies were here yesterday.  They love being outside when my husband is working in the yard.  And the weather was perfect for them.  So, a few extra nose prints to be cleaned up:)  I have a few odds and ends projects here and there but I also have a new stack of books from the library.  WooHoo.  It has been so long since I actually went to the library (well, other than to vote!) and I’m excited to have real, hard copy books to read!!

Plans for the week….Wednesday night at church, our pastor will be sharing his photos…and stories!…from his recent trip to the Holy Land. I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing it all!  After our early morning on Sunday, we will have the afternoon free.  Typically, we have an evening service but not this Sunday.  Our daughter will come over and we will spend Easter together.  We are a small group but it’s family!:)

One of my favorite things…..Cadbury eggs…the original ones! When something is so yummy…why do they always have to keep changing the recipe?? Cadbury eggs came out when I was in college (long time ago) and my girlfriend and I were addicted. We were also broke:) and these indulgent Easter treats were our huge splurge. Not only are these candies still delicious…they remind me of Debbie and so many great memories!! Do you have a favorite Easter candy?? I have to admit I do NOT like jelly beans but those robin’s eggs are pretty yummy as are Stouffer’s marshmallow eggs…but Cadburys are the best!  Ok, Cadbury eggs really are delicious…as best as I can remember them.  I have not had one in years!  No Easter candy for me but I am thinking of trying one or two “keto-friendly” baked treats this weekend but I really have no desire for desserts or treats….so, we will see.  Food-wise, one of my favorite things would be yogurt.  I love yogurt!!  A few other favorites:  crisp cotton sheets that have replaced the flannel ones, a candle burning in the evenings, British cozy mysteries on tv, and our first afternoon coffee on the porch this week.  Hooray for spring!   Have a beautiful weekend!!

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  1. Fun post, Jennifer! I like the comparison post. At first I was confused but I pretty quickly understand which answers were from ten years ago and which were from now. Wow, congrats on three weeks on keto and the subsequent weight loss! I do keto every so often when I want to drop a few pounds but I only do it for about two weeks at a time. I am too weak willed when it comes to carbs!! Maybe a future blog post on your progress, thoughts on keto? Loved reading about your Easter traditions. The cupcakes sound super cute and I’m sure the kids will have lots of fun decorating them and will enjoy eating them. Have a wonderful weekend!

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