Things I’m Loving: Mid-winter 2023

According to the calendar, we are not even a full month into winter.  What??  It feels a whole lot longer than that to me.  Not exactly sure why but I have convinced myself that winter’s end is just around the corner.  Um, no.  I suppose the unseasonably tolerable weather has played tricks on me.  But, I’m not complaining.  At least, not about the weather.  If I look at how many weeks are, technically left in this least favorite season of mine, well, then I might start to complain.

Maybe it is a bit early for a winter edition of things I am loving…but I also thought focusing on the positive might keep my attitude in check.  So here are six (or so), incredibly random, things that I am loving right about now.

1 – Slow mornings.  I love mornings of any kind and during any season, but winter mornings always seem to start extra gentle.  I suppose it is because the sun is so slow to get fully awake.  This season of life that my husband and I are in allows us to tweak our morning routine as the days shorten and lengthen.  We also enjoy the fireplace in the mornings which makes a good morning even cozier.  Last month, I received several bags of different holiday coffees and have been enjoyed something different almost every morning.  One more thing making mornings lately so enjoyable.  I will admit, waking up with the sun is my real favorite but we are making the most of these darker mornings.

2 – Our devotional.  As part of our morning routine, my husband and I do morning devotions together.  And part of that is a new reading plan that we started at the beginning of the year.  I found it on the YouVersion Bible App and is put out by Doxa Deo.  We started in the gospel of John and read a chapter a day.  There is a short video that goes with each day’s reading and we have found them very interesting and thought-provoking.  Our thinking has been challenged – in good ways – just about every morning.  We look forward to this, and the rest of our Bible time, each morning.

3 – Graphic t-shirts.  Like I said, these are totally random.  I don’t even wear t-shirts that often but I found several with winter and/or holiday themes and, with the milder weather, I have been wearing them often with a comfy cardigan.  So much nicer, in my opinion, than heavy sweaters or even bulky sweatshirts.  Not too long ago, I found this website and they have a t-shirt of the month club.  I decided to give it a try and have really liked each shirt so far.  They are super soft and wash really well.  Who would have imagined t-shirts in the winter?  It works for me!


4 – Thrifting.  I love thrifting in any season, but this time of year is great for consignment or thrift store shopping.  Or just browsing.  Everyone seems to purging, reducing, reorganizing or just plain getting rid of things.  There are treasures galore to explore, discover or just to look through.  I have absolutely no idea why but I find that process very enjoyable and even relaxing.

5 – The birds.  Ok, this one is probably going to show my age.  But, we just get so many enjoyment out of watching the birds in the backyard.  We recently bought a new birdseed.  Read that, a much more expensive bird seed and the birds love it.  Well, of course they do!  Our two trees (yes, the yard is small) are filled with busy birds.  And such pretty birds.  We ooh and ahh like the two old people that we are…..and we wage non-stop war with the squirrels in order to save their place.  The squirrels know no fear.  They literally stare and mock us as we yell the most unkind things at them.  Ha.  Maybe a bit of an exaggeration.  Our yelling.  Not their mocking.

6 – Valentine’s Day.  I know it isn’t even February but I might as well get this one out there.  I look forward to this cute holiday.  (Is it actually a holiday?) I know not everyone does.  There are plenty of scoffers but I’m not one of them.  Not that my husband and I do much as far as celebrating (we often enjoy a good meal out with friends which is fun) but I really enjoy having fun with the Junior Church class.  It brings back fun memories from when my own kiddos were small and we just have a good time with it.  I picked up some things yesterday (while browsing my favorite consignment store) for some decorations in our room….and then I started think about all things pink, red and heart shaped.  It’s fun!!

7 – And just a few more:  lunch dates with friends, roasted vegetables (winter vegetables are delicious), the absence of snow!, the return to Bible study (next week), my new computer, just about anything peppermint flavored, and spending time with our son and his new girlfriend!!

So, what have you been loving lately??  Have you had snow?  If so, does that make your heart happy?  If not, are you as okay with that as I am??:)  I think I’ll add my favorites to Andrea and Shay’s Friday Favorites link-up.  You can find them here and here.  Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead.  Thanks for stopping by, friends.

20 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving: Mid-winter 2023

  1. Fun post to read and truly I like everything that you mentioned in this post! I have not worked at all this week and have enjoyed the dark mornings with the soft glow of lamps illuminating the room so what you said about the mornings resonated with me. The Bible study that you and your husband are doing sounds great. And I didn’t know you enjoyed thrifting (though who doesn’t save maybe billionaires, lol?). No snow for us but quite a bit of rain. Mild temperatures and I am not complaining one bit… except it seems like spring should be here in about two weeks and of course that is not the case! Have a great weekend!!

    1. I am just SURE that spring should be here in two weeks!! Somehow we missed the forecasted rain (lots of it) but I’m okay with rain – because it means no snow!:) Glad you stopped by first thing this morning!

  2. I enjoyed reading your posts. And if enjoying the birds makes you old, then I guess I’m old too. Your slow morning sounds wonderful. I think yesterday was my favorite morning this week. I woke up early and then relaxed with a cup of hot chocolate and worked on my blog and actually got up and did some decluttering. Then I took a very short nap before we got cleaned up and went out to lunch. Now that’s my kind of morning.

  3. The very first thing I do every morning in every season is go for a walk. :). My husband is glad because he prefers a slower start to the day. 🙂

  4. Here in south-central Pennsylvania we haven’t had much of a winter yet. The weather has stayed pretty warm. We had one day where it was too icy to go anywhere and a few flurries here and there. I’m not much for winter but it’s definitely a slower pace for us too, as once spring comes we’ll be busy with after school activities. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I am loving that the few times we have had snow it’s been melted and gone within just a couple of days! I keep fooling myself into thinking that winter is nearly over too. I have already bought my boys’ valentines and I just love the holiday. I know most people don’t but I love any excuse to shower my family with love.

  6. I love slow mornings, t-shirts with cardigans (my favorite) and feeding the ….squirrels! 🙂 We buy bird seed and feed the squirrels 🙂 The birds come to visit too, but we love watching the squirrels play and do crazy things to get to the feeders. It’s old people entertainment 🙂

    There is a company called Elly and Grace that sells t-shirts too, if you ever need a back up. Great quality.

    1. Old people entertainment….exactly! And we are totally entertained:) Thanks for the Elly and Grace suggestion. Have already enjoyed looking at their site:)

  7. Slow mornings with holiday flavored coffee and a fire in the fireplace sound delightful! I haven’t been thrifting recently, but you make a great point about it being a good time to go since everyone’s purging! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Jennifer~ I have been waking up very early the last few weeks, and I have really been enjoying it! I’m not normally and early morning person, but I might have been converted! i too love Valentines Day, and yes, I consider it a holiday. There are so many fun things you can do to show those you love just how much you love them, and that is so much fun for me! I love watching the little birds in the birdfeeder, that doesn’t make you seem old, just a caring human who thinks birds are cute ;0) Loved all your thoughts today!! Have a great week-end. Hugs, Barb

    1. Barbara – so glad you stopped by!! I have been thinking about you. Hope you are doing well….that you have had plenty of “slow” mornings this week!:)

  9. We have only had a dusting of snow twice this winter season. We usually have an inch or so accumulation so I am hopeful there is still one good snow ahead for us before spring. I love the idea of doing devotional together. Poor Paul would probably not go for it, though. He is still working so we don’t have the quiet mornings together yet. But before long I hope we will. Shabby Lane does have some cute things. I enjoy wearing graphic tees. And our winter has been pretty mild so I have been able to do like you and wear a tee with a cardigan and jeans and be plenty comfortable. Our afternoons have been in the mid-60s this week. Crazy. Guess I need to up my quality of birdseed. But the pigeons get to it and will eat the whole feeder full in just an hour or two.

    1. How is that Texas has snow (even a dusting) twice and Virginia has had nothing. That is just funny to me!! We are supposed to have afternoons in the 60’s this week (well, one day but I’ll take it!!)!! Have a great week my friend!

  10. I love watching the birds in my garden at home! It is what I miss most when I am at university. Not a big fan of winter either, but it makes me appreciate sunny days more 🙂

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