Good Monday Morning 1.16.23

Happy Monday Morning!  Our weekend was uneventful, if not a bit slow.  We had dinner plans for Saturday night but my brother is was not feeling well.  Shortly thereafter, we found our daughter was not feeling well and then the list began to grow.  The nastiest virus/cold type of yuck has been spreading like crazy.  It seems like everyone has it or is just getting over it.  So, we ran out a bit here and there but, for the most part, enjoyed the weekend at home.  Which was okay since it was (dare I say finally) winter like.  Not only was it cold but it was windy!  A few people claimed to have seen some snow flurries.  I don’t know about all that – but it was cold.  But, like I mentioned on Friday, I am totally okay with slow mornings.  And sometimes those slow mornings linger throughout the day – and that works, too.   Speaking of the quiet mornings we have been enjoying lately, this was my view yesterday morning – just as I was sitting down with my cup of coffee.  I don’t think the sun was quite up but it was snug inside.

I’m curious, have you even left a tree up after the Christmas decor has been put away?  I never have before but, for some odd reason, we left this one in the family room corner.  We just were enjoying it too much – especially in the mornings.  I took the ribbons and topper off so it just has lights and some pinecones…and we can think of it as a winter tree.  Semantics.  I will admit, I am about ready for it to return to storage but it has been nice these last couple of weeks.

For some, this is a holiday.  I know the schools are closed so my friend (a teacher) and I are meeting for lunch.  Tomorrow is the first day of Bible study for this new semester.  Well, this new year!  I am looking forward to that.  So, the week is off to a good start.  How is your week starting.  Here’s to a week that includes an extra blessing or two.  I hope you will come back on Wednesday.  I will be sharing ten things that I do not do (that maybe I should!!?)  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Monday:)

15 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 1.16.23

  1. I can just imagine how comfortable it must be curling up in an armchair with a mug of coffee in your hand and enjoying the sight of that lovely tree in front of the fire. I can see why you are delaying putting it back into storage. I am far too superstitious to leave our tree up past twelfth night!
    Hope you had a fun lunch with your friend, that’s a good way to start your week!

  2. Your weekend sounds like ours except we had no plans to begin with, lol. I hope your brother and daughter feel better soon. I like your tree lit up without the “trappings” of ornaments. I say trappings only because the ornaments would render the tree very Christmas-y but without them, I think your tree looks perfect for January. Combined with a fire in your fireplace, it’s a very pretty tableau and perfect for this time of year. I hope that your lunch is a great one today and look forward to your Wednesday’s post. Sounds intriguing!!

  3. This is a holiday for me, so I’m going to see what I can accomplish at home.
    We have a skinny little tree in our Dining room with only white lights on it. We keep it up into February, just a little winter cheer!
    Enjoy your lunch!

  4. There’s just something about sparkling lights 🙂 I’ve never left my tree up for longer than a week past Christmas, but if you’re enjoying it, then there are no rules 🙂

    1. I’m rather glad there are no rules…because I tend to be a rules follower and I would be totally anxious if I was going against the grain – lol!!

  5. No, I’ve never left a tree up. In fact I have to make myself wait till New Years to take it down. Some years everything is put away a few days after Christmas. 🙂 I like to get back to normal. We have real trees and they wouldn’t last anyway. 🙂

  6. Your living room décor is lovely! I love seeing little glimpses of your home…I’d love to see more! I actually thought that was a random Google image, it is so pretty. I love the warmth and cozy feel that twinkling lights bring to a room, so we have them around our home and they stay up all year, like the strand I keep on my mantle that are decorative, and that hang in our bedroom above the windows. Even our sons love them and use the LED strip lights in their spaces. I’m sorry to hear your brother and daughter are sick- I hope you and your hubby are both able to stay healthy!

    1. Thanks for such a nice compliment! I wish you could see more – as in, I wish I could just invite you over for coffee!!:) Wouldn’t that be a lovely afternoon!!

  7. Hello! Yes, to the tree! We still have our tree up. I just love the lights in the early morning and late evenings. Your tree and room look beautiful!!! I hope you enjoy a cozy day and that you stay healthy. It is everywhere, isn’t it???

  8. One year I kept my Christmas tree up in my school library until the end of the school year. We had fun with it. I added snowflakes to the branches in January. Then hearts for February. And Easter colors and decorations in the spring. I think we even decorated it for the end of the school year with beach-themed decorations. It was fun. I really like the soft lighting on our tree. We’ve always put the tree in the formal living room – where no one in the house can see it!! But the neighbors can see it through the windows. This year, I moved the furniture in the den and put it in there. It was so nice, like you mentioned, to sit and look at the tree. Calming.
    Hope everyone is feeling better. We have all had upper respiratory things for months. Beginning to think this is our new normal.

    1. Leslie, I love your tree idea. I am enjoying our little lighted tree…I just might stick some hearts on it and leave it right there!! I hear about the “new normal” – goodness but some things just don’t want to go away!! Thanks for stopping by my friend!

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