Thinking about Dad

A Simple Woman’s Daybook: March 8, 2010

Outside my window….it is a glorious day! I think spring has finally arrived – the wind has died down and the temperatures are supposed to reach the 60s…woo hoo!!

I am thinking….of ideas for our flower beds. Although not a gardener by any means, I am anxious to get to outside and do a little planting.

I am thankful for….good parents – not perfect parents but two people who truly loved each other, loved my brother and me…just the right parents for me! – and for a very happy childhood!!

I am wearing…why is this statement included each week?? I know I can leave it out – and I might – but I’m curious what is the significance of this when journaling?? And, just for the record..its early and I’m still in my pj’s but why does anyone need to know that?!?!

I am remembering…my dad!! Yesterday would have been his 76th birthday! Of course, I think of him all year long but this time of year is full of Dad’s memory. He loved spring…and everything budding and getting ready to bloom and grow. He would LOVE my new home and he would have amazing ideas for my flower beds! I miss him greatly. (I’m going to see if I can use my new scanner and get some photos of Dad uploaded……)

I am going…to the post office and to take Mr. Rascal to the groomer:)

I am reading….well, not much this week and that probably is not a good thing.

I am hoping…this is a good week for someone I love very much. Last week was a very difficult week and I am praying that God can use it for good.

On my mind….a new project I am working on with a girlfriend that I believe God can really bless and the possibilities are endless as to what He can do with it.

From the kitchen…a new recipe we tried last week that was a keeper! I will share that one tomorrow.

Around the so much dust – what is up with that? I dust (I think) often and during the day things look fairly “dust-free” but let that sun stream in first thing in the morning and, my goodness, notice the dust! I don’t like dust.

Plans for the week…are to get in touch with several folks by phone that I need to “check on” – I don’t make phone calls like I should and I don’t know why.

One of my favorite things….looking through the family photo albums – especially the pictures of little ones with my parents…wonderful and precious memories!

6 thoughts on “Thinking about Dad

  1. Enjoyed this as always…the question about what you are wearing is a weird one, haha… But! I have to say I hear what someone is wearing and then have a better picture of them in my mind. Have a good day Jennifer. Hugs, Deb

  2. I know exactly what you mean about your dad. I've lost both of my parents and I miss them each and every day. I think all the time how much they would have loved to see my girls as teenagers and what all they've accomplished. The hole in my heart will always be there.

  3. I love these Day Book posts of yours, Jennifer. And I'm sorry about your dad. My dad died 13 years ago, and I miss him so much.

    May the Lord give you sweet memories and comfort today as you enjoy thinking of your sweet dad.


  4. I have to agree. Why do we need to know what everyone is wearing? Most of the time the blogs I read that do this "Day in the Life" are usually still in their pj's. Sorry about your dad. Would love to see a picture, hope you get one put up soon! And yes, the recipe would be nice also! Enjoy!

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