Just a few things to ponder today…but, first – just so you will know:

I was making some hashbrown potatoes for Hubbie last night and these were the directions – straight from the package: Heat small amount of oil in the bottom of a skillet. Carefully add potatoes. Cover and let brown for 12-14 minutes, turning every 3-4 minutes. (don’t miss this part) Skillet must remain covered entire time except while turning potatoes.

Really now.

Also, several have asked about this week’s Friday with Friends -which just makes me happy. I am all for any chance to “chat with my friends”…however, I will out of town this weekend and busy with my brother for the few days before the weekend, so I think I will wait for next Friday for our next Friends together. PLEASE join in the following Friday and I will be looking for you! I hope everyone has at least one fun plan or two to celebrate our country’s birthday…..even its something small:)

As for those things to think over……

I heard this short story and have no idea if it is true but, nevertheless, true story or fiction, it really stuck with me. An athlete was training to compete in the Olympics as a diver. He was an atheist and the only Christian influence in his life was the consistent witnessing of a close friend. (emphasis mine) One night, he made his way to the swimming pool for some extra practice. The lights were off but the gym had a huge sunroof and the moon was large creating just enough light.

The diver made his way to the highest diving board and stood on the edge. However, as he prepared to dive, he caught a glimpse of his shadow on the far wall. With his arms outstretched, his image looked like a cross and he was immediately reminded on Christ and his friend’s words. He stood there and soon felt as if someone was talking to him….calling to him. In the next few minutes, right there on the diving board, the athlete bowed his knee and asked Christ to be his savior.

While still on the board, a janitor entered the pool area and turned on the lights. The pool had been drained for repairs.

For me, chills. We truly never know when…or where…our witnessing will affect others.

And, one more thing and I’m done. I mentioned yesterday the magazine life:beautiful and thought I would share from it. In this month’s issue, when you open the front cover, before you even get to the magazine, there is a two page picture of a boat on a expanse of crystal blue water, the word SUMMER and then this paragraph:

When you lead, dear Lord,
I venture out into the great
beyond with courage and expectation.
A protected cove is safe, but you have called
me to live with passion. I may
encounter risks, but I know your
provision and care are enough.
Give me hope in your saving me from storms,
climbing mountains before me and finding
me when lost. I trust in you and I thank
you for the adventures in life that
make me who I am called to be.
Make my way purposeful and glorifying to you.
Provide me with all I need for the journey – your
perfect peace, joy unspeakable
and unwavering faith.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts….

  1. Beautiful post! I will look forward to the next Friday with friends! Hope that you have a good weekend with your brother. Loved the story, very powerful. Have a great day!
    PS. Loved your recipe that you shared with your comments. Will have to give that one a try.

  2. Enjoyed your post and it does make you stop and think.
    Enjoy your visit with your brother. I know what it feels like to have loved ones so far away.
    Our daughter is in CA. What part is your brother moving to?

  3. I really like that poem…

    Praying you have a good visit with your brother and family and that your weekend is great! Enjoy the time away! 🙂

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