Probably my favorite picture of all time……..

My Three Favorite Men!!

No, it won’t win any photography awards..but it is priceless to me. My son, Jordan – now the airman – My buddy, Tyler – now celebrating everyday in Glory – and my Hubbie, the rock that hold us all steady! Their expressions are genuine contentment and happiness!! (Tyler is holding the lighter…ready to roll out to the middle of the field and light some fireworks!!)
Thank-you, Lord..for this moment and the memory of it!!

15 thoughts on “Finally…..

  1. Oh Jennifer it is such a good picture that captures perfectly the "feel" of that day. I am soo glad you have not only that precious memory, but this picture to preserve it. Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend. HUGS, Debbie

  2. Oh, sweet Jennifer. I have tears in my eyes looking at your sweet Tyler. I know you must love this pic.

    I got the bears today. So cute! I am going to use them for the centerpiece at our family's 4th celebration. And you made James day with that box! He has played UPS delivery man all afternoon and I have had that box delivered to me at least 50 times!

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