Three Benefits to Embracing Change

Change is in the air.  Not quite time for autumn breezes…but soon.  But certainly changes.  In one of my Instagram posts last week, I hashtagged that change was coming.  There is simply a lot going on in my world lately.  All exciting and full of possibilities – but, nonetheless, change.  And I am always surprised at just how much I struggle with change.  It seems to be more of a struggle the older I get.  (That seems to be a bit of a mantra lately: the older I get ______________!)  However, looking back through past posts, that struggle is more who I am than I realize.  It has just been a year since I wrote this post – where I admitted that, ” More than once, I have scrambled to rebuild the walls of routine that create my structured life and my comfort zone.  And repeatedly I have heard His still small voice remind me to simply surrender.  To let go of control.  To even allow myself to rest – and rest outside of my zone.”  Yes, the dependability of my comfort zone and the resisting any change that disrupts it.  I suppose, some things never change:)

I am, however, anticipating good – and great – things from the upcoming changes.  Mentally…I’m excited.  And I want that same attitude emotionally…which has taken prayer.  But that is one – just one – of the benefits to change.  Yes, I am learning there are real, and necessary, benefits to change….whether that change is positive or much more of a challenge.  Here are simply three of the first benefits I see from the inevitable changes we all face at some point in our lives.

PRAYER.  Whether a change is planned and prepared for or not, so often our first response is prayer.  And that is a good thing.  Prayer helps us emotionally prepare and cope.  Prayer helps us keep change in perspective and allows us to process the most helpful and necessary response to change in our lives.  As well, prayer gives us courage, strength, and wisdom as needed.  Not only for ourselves but for those around us also impacted by the change.  In that post above, I suggested that the walls of routine gave me structure and stability.  Truthfully, prayer is the real support and anchor for my soul.  One that I can actually depend on.  To think otherwise is foolish and prideful.

INCREASE IN FAITH.  We pray more.  We turn to God.  We run to God.  We get in His word and seek His face.  All of these are wonderful and, on their own, help to deepen our faith.  But once we realize that some changes – most changes – are out of control, or that we can do little or nothing to influence the direction of the change, we come to a place of surrender.  (Deeper faith still).  But then something wonderful happens.  After we are willing to simply watch God orchestrate our lives – we release our need for control – and we learn to trust Him, He is faithful.  He does not fail or disappoint.  We learn so much more about His character, about His promises and about His care for us…and we are changed.  Our relationship with Him strengthens and our faith is increased.  Praise the Lord!

WE DO THE IMPOSSIBLE.  And if not the completely impossible, often it is only through change that we face, conquer, achieve, and do things we once thought impossible.  Things that we would not have experienced or endured without the inevitable change.  Especially unwanted, or negative, change.  God desires to – and will – use any challenges and/or change for our good (and for His glory!) if we will simply allow Him!!  Much of the change happening in my small corner of the world is happening to those I love – which impacts me (and my little comfort zone!)  But God can use the change for their good as well….and I certainly do not want to stand in the way of any and everything He wants to accomplish!

And so, I embrace the change!  Hopefully, in the months ahead I will be blogging how God has worked.  How not only my faith has increased but others have been changed as well.  And – no doubt – how prayer has been my lifeline through it all!!

4 thoughts on “Three Benefits to Embracing Change

  1. HI, I’m visiting from Grace & Truth. I’m an autumn gal, so I am definitely excited about that upcoming change. In fact, I am going to decorate for fall on September 1st—only a few short days away. Other than seasonal change, though, I tend to grumble and complain about change. I like the comfort of the familiar, so change brings complaint. And THEN I pray. Oh, that I would praise and pray right away, instead of allowing a complaining spirit to drag me down first.

    Patti @ Clothed with Joy

    1. Patti – I am so glad you stopped by and thanks for taking the time to comment. It is nice to meet you:) Yes, many have that fall decorating itch….and I have to admit, the cute fall things at TJ Maxx yesterday were so alluring and tempting!! Praise and pray right away – that is good advice!! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. I don’t always welcome change, but looking back, it’s usually in a season of change that also came a season of growth. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey; I’ll look forward to what you’ll be blogging about in the weeks ahead! Glad you linked up at Grace & Truth.

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