Share Four Somethings: August 2020

Time for another Share Four Somethings.  I missed this link-up last month – and I was bummed.  I always enjoy this once a month look at what is happening – as well as reading the other bloggers that join each month.  I was looking back at June’s SFSs and it was Father’s Day.  Which seems like months and months ago!  Not sure why but the summer activities all seem to blur together.  I’ll blame the humidity.  It has been a hot summer – and, while you will never hear me complain about the summer heat, the humidity does make my brain even hazier than normal!

I also mentioned in June’s post that I was balking at wearing the face masks.  That made me laugh.  My balking has become an outright attitude problem!  Just for the record.  I’m just sure that one day I will look back at these posts and the whole “mask situation” will be a distant memory!!  Surely that is the case!

Moving on.  Without further innuendo, here are this month’s thoughts with regards to the monthly link-up: Share Four Somethings.

Something Loved.  I am loving – and excited – that I have found a new opportunity for volunteering.  I so enjoy volunteer work and especially love alongside seniors.  I volunteered regularly at one of our local assisted living (amazing how many there are…) but that came to a screeching halt back in February and there is not even a whisper of when volunteers might be allowed to return.  They just recently started allowing family members to have “window visits.”  I have so missed my senior friends and very much hope I am able to return one day in the future.  I did, however, find a “new spot” at our local food pantry.  It has been great to slowly return to a schedule and to use some of my free time in order to help others and my community.  I think, ever so slowly, more and more opportunities will become available.  I’ll stay with the pantry but, perhaps, I can add a few more hours to my volunteer time.  I “love” volunteering:)

Also (still) loving: all the squash and zucchini, blueberries every day, daily walks with the dogs, outdoor services at church one evening each month, my cut hydrangeas in clear vases around the house and the slow pace of summer.

Something Read.  For those who know me, it really is no secret that I do not have much of a sense of humor.  Seems pathetic to even admit that in writing, but it is just true.  I cannot tell a joke.  Guaranteed to fall flat.  And, so often what has others laughing out loud leaves me wondering “what was even funny?”  Truthfully, most memes (or other cartoons) I usually think are silly.  Or dumb.  However, I have recently read several that were actually really funny.  And a good laugh every now and then is great.  Even those of us without a great sense of humor enjoy a good laugh:)

I know this section is more about books but I really have not read much – other than blogs – this month.  I’ll keep blaming that summer humidity brain haze.

Something Treasured. Extra time with my son these past couple weeks.  He is moving next week – which I find hard to believe.  Headed out for new adventures.  And a new state….way too far from the East Coast!  I am thrilled for him…but, oh my, I am going to miss him.  He is my sounding board, a great second opinion, my political analyst, the one who keeps me even slightly up to speed with current events and culture, and, yes, he has a great sense of humor!  (Didn’t get it from me!)  He makes me laugh.  A lot.  We have been trying to fit in some extra time together – the two of us and as a family – before he leaves.  Grateful for memories made.  And super excited for him!!

Something Ahead.  In June, I wrote here that we were hoping to make plans for an anniversary trip this fall. That is not going to happen.  We did, however, get our passports back.  (That was also a concern last post.)  So we are ready to travel but no place to go.  That’s okay.  Our anniversary will still be next month:)  That is something ahead.  Thirty-five years is certainly worth celebrating!!  There will also be our fall revival at church.  It is nice to actually have “an event” on the church calendar!  Our guest speaker is coming from California and I’m praying there will not be any problems with travel, etc.

It seems like “back to school” is consuming everyone’s thoughts and plans for the weeks ahead.  I must admit that I do not miss any of that these days.  There was a time when I did – but not anymore.  Perhaps I am actually beginning to embrace and enjoy this season of life:)  Of course, when my son’s car pulls out of the driveway next week – I probably resemble a mama sending her youngest off to Kindergarten for the first time!! (Oh my, let’s hope not.)

10 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: August 2020

  1. jen i never thought of you as not having a good sense of humor ..but you and i have something in common once again … im not funny either … cant be .. like you , every time i try it falls flat ,,, i love how you put things in writing …good job …thats why you have the blog and i dont…hahaha

    1. At least we enjoy – and appreciate – each other’s jokes and humor! That makes for good friendship:)

  2. It’s great that you’ve found more opportunities to volunteer! So many people need extra help at this time. I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs lately – i think that counts;) Great post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Wemi. So glad you stopped by…so nice to meet you! I look forward to looking around your place on the internet:)

  3. I am weary of mask-wearing but doing it. Traveling to see my mom this week. We are hopeful that we can do window visits and sit with her behind plexiglass. Will this ever be over?

    Glad you have found a new volunteering opportunity. I thought about volunteering at the local food pantry but it is all outdoors and our heat has been record-breaking. Volunteers also have to lift pallets of food. Was worried about that, too. Hope it is a wonderful experience for you.

    1. Hope you had (are having) a great time visiting your mom! I hope the window visits were a blessing and, that yes, this will all be over soon!! Have a wonderful…thank for stopping by!! (Sorry I am slow with responses this week!)

  4. 35 years is incredible!!!! congratulations on 34 years and 11 months 🙂

    I miss my senior friends at the gym. Here’s hoping we can see them again soon! I’m glad you found another place to serve in the meantime.

    1. Thanks, Brooke, for your sweet wishes! We are pretty excited about 35 years….however we end of celebrating!! I hope you are able to visit with your friends again soon!! Glad you stopped by!

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