Three Lessons from This Past Season

It’s Thursday – and National Otter Day!!  Who knew?  I’ll admit…I have a hard time telling an otter from a beaver.  But, it is also the end of another month and, whether the calendar makes it official or not, the end of another season.  Summer season – and summer temperatures – are here!  I like to reflect back at the end of each month but thought today I would look back at the entire season of spring.  Here are three things I learned this spring:

I thrive on routine. This I probably already knew but as I look back at my planner, I see the consistency.  The things that happen regularly….but my need to write them down just the same.  Each day has its own unexpected events – both in good ways and in the oh-so-stressful or not so good ways – but a certain framework, or structure, to my days gives me a sense of calm that anchors me.  This is especially true in the morning – starting each day with a routine prepares me for the day – but also applies to the week ahead.  Even the month.

Sometimes I envy those carefree souls.  Those who can “fly by the seat of their pants” each day or who can stay calm and even be productive without a schedule.  The fun ones who seem to live on perpetual summer-time mode:)  But it’s best if I just embrace me…and my strengths.  And a routine, some structure and quite a bit of the “same ole, same ole” are just how I roll best!

Same ole, same ole is not the only way.  I know that seems to contradict all I just said, but I am not.  I’ve never been incredibly flexible – neither in a backbend kind of a way or adaptable.  Open to change.  The older I get, I seem to be less and less flexible.  But God has been stretching me and growing me, and I have felt Him challenging much this past few months.  In order to mature in my faith and to grow closer in my walk with Christ, I have not only had to make changes but I’ve had to acknowledge that change can be good.  Better – and even best.

When we make a change because the “old way” was not working or was wrong – well, that makes sense and can be easier to accept.  Change for the sake of change – or because God has directed – can be scary, daunting and sometimes even painful.  I’ve felt this in this last season.  But the lessons learned are life-changing in many ways.  The blessings are many and I am grateful.

Never take the small opportunities for granted. This season has included an extra share of loss.  Not only dear ones who have passed away – there have been too many – but even the loss of relationships….or the particular way that friendships worked.  I am missing much…especially the little things.  The seemingly insignificant times and events that will not happen again.  I want to not only notice these moments for what they are – daily gifts! – but embrace them.  Enjoy and cherish them.  I have been reminded repeatedly that there is no guarantee of another chance or another day to savor the little things.

I think these lessons “learned” over the past season are not fully learned…but will continue.  Continue to touch my heart, shape my thinking and hopefully impact my choices each day.  I certainly hope so.


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