Responsibility Comes with Your Name

It’s Friday.  The end of another month – yesterday, I looked back at not only May but the last season and some of the lessons I’ve learned lately.  Friday also means another Five Minute Friday and the challenge to think and write freely (just for five minutes) on a weekly prompt.  The posts of others participating is always interesting, thought-provoking and encouraging.  You can find it here.  The prompt for this week is NAME.

GO – When my children were little, our pastor would often relate stories from his childhood and lessons learned from his father.  Those lessons that so impacted him as a child and continued to influence him.  For instance, his dad would regularly remind him, especially as he was heading out the door, “You are an Edwards.  Don’t do anything to tarnish or disrespect that name.”  It was a powerful lesson and I found myself repeating something similar to my own children.  The idea of knowing who (what family) you belong to and living/making choices that would honor that name.

Powerful for our children…and even as adults.  But oh the impact of such an idea for the child of God.  I am a Christian – bearing the name of Christ as one of His own.  And having that name should impact every aspect of how I live.  My choices and my actions.  Not only what I do but how I do it.  Doing all that I can to avoid bringing reproach to the name of my savior.

But not just avoiding shame.  As Christians, we need to live so as to glorify His name.  That was the very goal of Jesus himself.  “Father, glorify thy name.”  This was His prayer as He announced that His hour had come (John 12).  Surely my desire, each day, should be to lift up the name of Jesus.  To speak and live boldly.  Unashamedly bearing the name of Christian.

STOP – Five minutes does not allow a lot of time to “discussion.”  But I would love to know some of the ways you try and lift up the name of Jesus throughout your day.  Please leave a comment!  Happy Friday:)

4 thoughts on “Responsibility Comes with Your Name

  1. It is a huge privilege but also a great responsibility to bear the name of Jesus. This is a great reminder that our focus should be on seeking to glorify him in everything we do.

  2. Jennifer, I love the words your pastor heard from his father. It is so important that we remember Whose name we bear, isn’t it? And yet, some days it’s hard to walk well in representing the name of Jesus. There’s so much grace given to those of us who call ourselves Christians, isn’t there?

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