Three of Our Greatest Needs

I have recently been studying about women in the Bible.  Bold women.  Changed women.  Wise and humble women.  As well as women with deep regrets and pasts they can’t seem to get away from.  Many have such interesting, and beautiful, encounters and interactions with Jesus!  I am always amazed – and intrigued – how much of these women I see mirrored in myself.

The Samaritan woman at the well was lonely and isolated.  She certainly had a past….a past that I am sure haunted her.  She tried everything to meet her own needs, but it just was not working.  But Jesus did not see her, her past, or her feeble attempts at meeting her needs as hopeless.  As just “too much.”  He actually pursued her in order to offer her redemption and a new life!

Jesus knows our greatest needs.  Our genuine needs – not simply our wants.  And He not only delights to meet our needs, but He also has promised to do so.  Philippians 4:19 says “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  We sometimes confuse a need (something that is required) with a want (something that is desired).  This verse is not God’s promise to give us everything we want but to meet our needs.

But what do we truly need??  No doubt, there are many that could be mentioned here but three basic fundamental needs come to mind and I see Jesus pursue the Samaritan woman with the desire to meet all three.  It is exciting and precious all at the same time.  The same needs He offered to meet for her, He offers to meet for me….including my need for:

1 – worthiness – a sense of dignity, honor, and value.  The sense of “I’m worth knowing.”   All of us want to be loved, respected, and valued because of who we are.  But sin, regret, shame can all rob us of that feeling of worthiness.  My perfectionism can often be my greatest enemy in this area.  But I am worthy – and of great value – because of who I am in Christ Jesus!

2 – a sense of belonging.  Whether we are introverts, extroverts or wherever we may on the enneagram scale, we all need relationships.  We need to belong and to be included.  It may be big or small, loud or quiet, or may look a hundred different ways, but we all thrive in community – or a unified group of people with common interests.  God created the family and the church to help us find our sense of belonging.  Too often, we allow past experiences, harbored grudges, or simply our own bad attitudes to keep us divided and away from our community; however, that is simply victory for the enemy.

3 – competence – a sense that I CAN.  Much like with my sense of worthiness, I am often my greatest enemy here.  That running dialogue in my head that constantly reminds me of all I cannot do.  But, taking my thoughts captive and rehearsing God’s promises, I know that I can do all things.  I can do whatever He asks me to do.  I can follow wherever he leads.  With confidence.  Because I have the Holy Spirit within me that enables me to do anything.

When the Samaritan woman met Jesus, she was a new creature.  A changed woman and a child of the King.  She was never the same.  God saw her needs and met her needs.  And He does the same for every one of us.  Meet Him today.  Stop at the well and talk with the savior…the one who is longing to meet your every need.

4 thoughts on “Three of Our Greatest Needs

  1. I love how you pinpointed these three things, Jennifer. I agree with your choices! We do need worthiness, a sense of belonging, and competence. I especially know I need them when I seem to have lost one of the three. 🙂 They’ve all been tested over the past 18 months; I appreciate your godly approach to this!

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