Three Things at the Beginning of August

Did August come in like a lion in your neck of the woods, or what?  By now, everyone knows that I love summer.  I don’t mind the heat.  Usually.  I have a rather high tolerance for humidity.  Usually.  But “usually” is running a bit thin for me – and it is just plain uncomfortable.  The forecast is for another 100-degree day on Thursday.  I refuse to complain but, phew, I will be happy for a break in the weather.
Thanks to those who left such encouraging comments – or otherwise reached out – on Monday.  This blogging community continues to be such a blessing.  Some days I am slow at responding to your comments but I do read each and every one of them….and I will respond.   Sometimes, an old lady needs some extra time:)
Monday’s post was a bit heavy….so, today, I thought I would do another “three things” list.  I borrow these from Rebecca Jo (who borrows them from a friend, I believe).  The first one, originally, said “movies I’ve watched more than 20 times.”  What?!?  Twenty times.  Um, not one.  Not even close.  Can people really watch a movie that many times?:)  Nevertheless, I do tweak the lists just a bit here and there.  But I would love to know which movie you have watched the most….and how many times have you seen it.  Do tell.
Three movies I’ve watched more than once 
1.  Madagascar
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. Sound of Music

Three things I do not do
1. Have my phone with me at all times.
2. Swear.
3. Exercise regularly (ok, hardly at all.  Sigh).
Three things I wish I did more often
1. Um, exercise(?!)
2. Spoke up.
3. Attended a Bible study.
Three things I do every day – without fail
1. Make my bed.
2. Read my Bible (99% without fail).
3. Get frustrated with my hair (was going to say flatiron my hair – which I do – but this sums it up better).

Three good things that happened yesterday
1. A completely unexpected “thinking of you” surprise was delivered to my door.
2. I found a few, small treasures while antiquing.
3. I got to bed early.

Three things I wish everyone knew
1. How to merge.
2. Tights and leggings are not the same things…and both require, at the very least, a long shirt.
3. Salvation by grace.

Three things I’m tired of
1. Politics, political parties, and petty fingerpointing.
2. Covid.
3. Fighting with my hair (see above).

Three things I’ll never tire of
1. Mornings.
2. Evenings on the front porch with my husband.
3. Saturday morning brunch with a bestie.

Three phrases I most overuse
1. Well, who am I?
2. I’m really not having that much fun.
3. You do you.

Three things I can’t resist
1. A good thrift store.
2. Dark chocolate.
3. Singing (way too) loud when I’m alone in the car.
Thanks again for stopping by friends!!  Have a great Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Three Things at the Beginning of August

  1. That was fun! A movie I’ve watched more than 20 times? White Christmas. It’s my dad’s and my favorite Christmas movie of all time and we laugh at all the same part and know all the words to the songs and sing along with them. I need to do a post like this…it feels like an old fashioned blog post, which I love. I’m so glad you felt loved on Monday, friend. ❤

    1. Believe it or not, I have never seen the movie White Christmas!!? I have missed several of the classics. I should try and rectify that this holiday!

  2. I don’t know if I’ve watched a single movie more than two times. And I’ve only watch a handful of movies twice. I’m just not a rewatcher of movies. And I wish I wasn’t interested in politics. My life would be less stressful, lol. I blame nature and nurture for my interest. My parents were simple, poor, faithful Christians who talked to my siblings and me about current events and politics almost as much as they talked to us about their faith. So I grew up immersed in politics (again, though, not from being a family with a lofty position or power just a genuine interest in the political zeitgeist) and have always been interested in it. I studied political science in college so…. yeah, unfortunately (that’s how I feel about it a lot times), I’m info politics. I am happy for anyone different than I am in that regard!! It was fun reading your lists. We are similar in many regards except that I am into the aforementioned politics and I like to exercise. Have a great Wednesday, friend!

    1. Everyone that I know who is interested in politics – even to the point of enjoying them and/or discussing them – is super smart! It’s true. And, you my friend are just that. I can tell:) I did not graduate but while I was in college, I was majoring in journalism with a minor in – you guessed it – political science. I actually really enjoyed the discussions. How times change:)

  3. Oh goodness, I don’t know that I’ve watched a movie more than 20 times. LOL Definitely have some I’ve watched a lot – but probably things I grew up with more than anything, like Disney movies and Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

  4. Well, I’m feeling like I should go exercise now. lol. Yay for someone else who makes her bed everyday! If ever I don’t, my husband knows something is seriously wrong. 🙂 Fighting my hair is a daily thing too. Sigh.

  5. Very fun! I don’t know about 20 times but I have watched the Sound of Music a lot– it was on every year growing up and my mom always let my sister and I stay up and watch it. I then bought the VHS tape when I got older and have watched it a few more times.

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