Three Things: The Fall Edition

I hope this has been a good week for you.  All was going quite well…until I matched wits with this post yesterday.  It simply would not post correctly (randomly changing fonts…large gaps and spacing that only appeared when posted….and the frustrations continued).  I decided to admit defeat and post it; however, it has bugged me ever since.  This is Three Things: The Fall Edition.  Round two.  I will be deleting the pitiful first edition so if you left a comment, I apologize if it disappears but know it was read and appreciated.  As was all patience with that previous mess!!  Moving on –

Three things I’m looking forward to before the end of the month

  1. Celebrating two more family birthdays
  2. Getting away for an overnight trip…to our happy place:)
  3. Taking the “littlest” junior Church kiddos out for an afternoon of fun!

Three things I’m happy about

  1. Our new bathroom faucet.  It was not nearly as easy to install as we anticipated and we had to ask for help (sigh) but, oh my, it is pretty:)
  2. The start of in-person Bible study.  I am always overly quiet/cautious (for whatever reason) and I appear disinterested…but I love it.
  3. Wearing a cardigan in the evening – especially to church (and to Bible study).  Why is the ac so strong in churches??

Three things I don’t understand

  1. Having to still wear a mask in order to visit Juanita.
  2. Tik-Tok.  Well, most social media, if I am brutally honest.  I’m old.
  3. The need for Algebra.  After all these years and I’ve never used it once.

Three things I enjoy about fall

  1. The feel of autumn mornings.  Slower sunrise.  Cozy kitchen.  Fresh air.
  2. Being able to open the windows.  We open the backdoor every morning but have not opened the windows just yet.  But….soon.
  3. The tastes of autumn.  Yes, some pumpkin spice but I also like maple pecan.  Banana walnut. Apple cider….or apple anything.

Three things I don’t enjoy and/or rarely do

  1. Stay up late.
  2. Watch TV.
  3. Have my picture taken.

Three things I’m glad I said this week

  1. “Well, you are special!”
  2. “My goodness, you have the biggest muscles!”
  3. “I do.”  (Okay, that was this week 37 years ago….but still glad I said it!!)

Three things that smell even better in autumn

  1. Soups in the crock pot.
  2. Essential oils in my diffuser.  The fall oil blends are the best!
  3. Candles.  I only use candles in the fall….just because they smell so good:)

Three things I want to do this fall

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch.  I like to get a pumpkin but I really go to take photos.
  2. Go apple picking with my friends.
  3. Go hiking on Skyline Drive.

Three of my favorite fall foods

  1. Pumpkin scones.
  2. Squash – especially acorn or butternut.  Yum.
  3. Mac and Cheese (even with a little pumpkin stirred in!)

Three of my favorite autumn memories

  1. Taking my kids on field trips to the pumpkin patch.  The hayride and barn swings were the best for my suburbanite crew!
  2. Roasting hot dogs over a huge fire pit in a friend’s backyard (and I don’t even like hot dogs!)  Again, city slicker amazement.
  3. Watching my kids (years ago) trade candy after our church’s “candy giveaway”!

Three things I am thankful for this week

  1. Doggies that make good hiking buddies:)
  2. A good hair day yesterday.  One out of seven is not the best odds but I will take at least one!
  3. Celebrating thirty-seven years!  (Did I mention that already?)

10 thoughts on “Three Things: The Fall Edition

  1. The three thing I don’t understand- YES, YES, and YES!! Fun post to read! Agree with you on so many but for sure a special shout out to the the three things you don’t understand because I agree so much with them. Happy for your good hair day and your fun memories from autumns of yesteryear. I loved my kids trading candy as well. Sounds like you have great things/ activities upcoming. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ;).

  2. I bought both butternut and acorn squash at the grocery store last night and can’t wait to eat them this week; I also add canned pureed pumpkin to my mac and cheese! My boys are all dealing with or recently finished dealing with Algebra and we all agree that unless you are going into a very math-heavy field most people won’t use 99% of it. Happy anniversary!

  3. I really enjoyed your, The Fall Edition! Your get away sounds like a great thing to do before it get too cold, and before the holiday season. Same on the Bible study group…I prefer to listen. I am studying the, Old Testament, and it can be hard to understand. I love other’s perspectives. All things autumn, pumpkin spice, fall colors…I can’t wait until the trees are in full bloom with the beautiful colors of fall! I’m headed tom Jo-Ann’s on Monday to pickup a new fall candle. Their, Place and Time candles smell so good and they’re cheaper than most. This is my favorite time of year to go camping! I sure wish I had my sweet old dog that loved it so much, but he is no longer with us…enjoy your beautiful friend!! Have a great, Sabbath day!

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on Jo-Anns candles. I don’t think I have tried those before….and I need to go to Jo-Anns soon. What a splendid stroke of luck:) So glad you stopped by, Barbara!

  4. I loved reading this! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am doing my own “it’s almost fall” post tomorrow and include all kinds of things I want to do and some things I found on Pinterest that inspire me with explanations as to why. You’ll have to check it out! I never saw the post you deleted, but doesn’t technology sometimes drive you crazy? I felt like I fought a battle with my own blog over the summer, but I finally admitted defeat like you and just gave up. I hope you have a great day, my friend!

  5. I 100% do not understand your love for the need to wear a cardigan- cold weather is 🙁
    But I feel you on the Algebra, Tik Tok and the pumpkin patch!
    PS. You have the cutest dog in the whole world. She should be a puppy model! 🙂 <33 (assuming that's a thing)

  6. What a fun post! Now I’m wondering whose muscles you commented upon!
    I really like Autumn. Days that start with a chill in the air but then warm as the day progresses. It’s so lovely to see all the trees changing colour and the grass returning to green after our long hot dry spell (most unusual for the UK!)
    I’m with you on the algebra front – I don’t think that I have ever had the need to test our Pythagorus’ theorem and now I’m 64 I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

  7. Hi Jennifer. I love this post. I too remember my children spreading out their candy after trick-or-treating and trading back and forth. I’m with you on algebra. I know it’s important, but as an English teacher, I rarely use it. Great post filled with goodness. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

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