Three Things You Didn’t Know

Today I am “blog hopping”…what fun! And the theme is three things you might not know about me – and, yes, a couple I don’t even understand myself!

ONE….I faint at the sight of blood. Actually, I faint at just about any situation that might involve blood even if I haven’t actually seen the blood. I have passed out while visiting family members in the hospital. I have passed out in recovery rooms when my children were depending on me (not good!) I have even passed out when I was the patient. And, yes, I volunteer – AT THE HOSPITAL – every week! So far, no passing out!!
TWO….I once attended the Daytona 500! Do I have one iota’s interest in cars? racing? or cars that are racing?? No. Why did I go to the Daytona 500?? I have no idea. I’m not kidding – after about the tenth lap, I asked the person next to me, “Exactly, how many times do they have to go around this track?” Um…..the Daytona 500….500!!! Are. you. kidding. me!! Torturous does not begin to described that day for me!

THREE….(this one I may have mentioned before..) but there was a time when I seriously – SERIOUSLY – wanted to be a dairy farmer. Anyone who knows me even a little bit is seriously scratching their head right now – even I am. Oh, I love cows alright…its the whole farmin’ thing that I cannot even imagine myself doing. But I promise you, I begged God to send me a dairy farmer and make me his wife! We can only be thankful that sometimes God answers our prayers with a NO!

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5 thoughts on “Three Things You Didn’t Know

  1. Poppin'over from Brown Couch Events

    and Comfort Joy Designs


    You are invited to my Stella & Dot Jewelry Party happening all week at Comfort Joy Designs! Hope to see you there!

  2. Hi!
    Visiting from the blog hop! I am trying to visit at least 50 blogs from the blog hop and say "HI" to all of them. I decided to visit 25 blogs before my blog link and 25 blogs after my blog link.
    Nice to find ya!

    ps: My Grandpa used to have a farm. The cows were my favorite!

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