A Weekend in Alexandria

What a fun weekend we had! We went to a birthday party….for a city! The city of Alexandria celebrated its 260th birthday on Saturday and every year we look forward to the festivities that go on all day. This past Saturday was a beautiful day and Hubbie and I had such a nice time walking the cobblestone streets, browsing the antique shops and people watching. We saw several couples who were “just married”! What fun!

The city is located on the water and the docks are full of boats…some that are amazing! I mean, huge!! And, of course, there are too many restaurants to ever imagine trying them all…but we did find one new one this weekend. A shower popped up so we took that time to have the best homemade pizza I’ve had in a long time and by the time we were done, so was the rain!

The best part of the evening is the outdoor concert by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra. They played some of my favorite “big band sounds” and always finish with Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture,” complete with cannon fire provided by the U.S. Marine Corps and spectacular fireworks! I love it!!
I suppose I should have some great fireworks photo here…but I’m not that great with a camera and I think we’ve seen quite about of those photos lately so just use your imagination! 🙂
It was a bit different for us this year – this is first time we have gone “just the two of us” and we sorta missed the pleas for candy cotton, slushies, ice cream and, of course, glow necklaces and light saber swords! Okay, so we did eventually buy a glow ball to have when Riley comes next month! We’re weak!! Such a fun Saturday!

3 thoughts on “A Weekend in Alexandria

  1. Awww! I have a great imagination (inserting fireworks pics here)… oooooh.. ahhhh.. OOOOHHHH.. NICE! :<) Oh dear, what WOULD it be like to go to something like that without the little beggar by my side, saying "Please, Mom? Can I have this? PLeeeeeaaase?" Ah, I'm glad you have SOMEONE to buy stuff for… whew!
    Sounds like a ton of fun!

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