The Tiny Impatiens

Imagine my surprise when I came home the other day and there to greet me was this sweet little impatiens…growing out of the crack beside our sidewalk! Blooming as pretty as you please in the middle of October seemingly from the concrete! Granted we usually plant a bed of impatiens…but sometime in the beginning of May and in the flower beds in front of the house – but this little seed was determined to bloom!

I was quickly reminded that my job is simply to “sow the seed” – or, in this case, to set the plants. We worked a bit – to turn up the soil and set in the young plants – but God gave the harvest. Not only did our labor give us an entire bed of pretty plants last spring but seeds were sown elsewhere (that we did not even realize) and additional blooms came forth…not where we expected or even when we expected but God blessed and we “reaped even more than we sowed”!!

That little flower was a gentle reminder to me…just to be faithfully doing my part and God is in charge of the harvest!

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