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What is My Purpose?

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  I have never, specifically, “observed” Ash Wednesday in the traditional sense of receiving an ash cross or observing Lent.  However, I certainly think it is wise to turn our hearts and thoughts toward Easter.  We do not reflect on the cross – and God’s gift given to us there – nearly… Read More What is My Purpose?


The Value of One

I love words.  I love grammar and I love vocabulary.  And, of course, I love writing words.  I have always admired those who can use words – eloquently, humorously or any of a hundred other ways – to express themselves.  Poetry and songwriting are some of the most expressive ways to convey a thought.  An idea.  Or,… Read More The Value of One


Consider and Be Wise

Every day, the trees are slightly more painted in their fall colors.  The mornings have been brisk and we were even able to use the fireplace over the weekend.  Just to knock off the chill.  And to feel our spirits say “ahhh!”  First morning coffee in front of the fire is simply wonderful, in my… Read More Consider and Be Wise


Psalm 19:14

It’s Wednesday – and that means I’m off to work…and little time to blog. So, just a thought I read today in my morning devotions – “If you could not speak a word, what would your life say to others?” – Dr. Stanley Pretty deep for 6:30 in the morning….but one to think about throughout… Read More Psalm 19:14


Enough Already

Tuesday, again. And off to Bible study which is always a great way to start the week….ok, one day short but you get the idea. Its been a whole week since election day. I was thinking about last week’s elections…..and, then, how the craziness has already started. Newly elected representatives all declaring they know exactly… Read More Enough Already


Election Day is Tuesday

A bit of a different type of Thankful Thursday for me but I really had to “say” something and, I suppose, incorporating my thoughts…and opinions…in a thankful post is the nicest way to do it:) I am thankful to be an American and for America. I am thankful for its heritage and rich history of… Read More Election Day is Tuesday


I Peter 3:4

Yesterday was a bit busy – or busier than normal…and I didn’t even think to get my post done. Goodness:) Among the usual things of the day and some extra cleaning for “company coming”, I was making a meal for my friends, Paul and Nellie. I decided to make extra and freeze some meals, not… Read More I Peter 3:4