Too Much!

Thankful Thursday…..and let me say, first, that I hope I didn’t offend anyone with yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday – such a crazy photo! And, I promise you, no one that I know! Seems when we visited San Antonio a few months ago, we arrived during Festival! Literally thousands packed the city daily with parades, music, events, food (and drink?!?) in order to celebrate. Exactly what they were celebrating, I am not positive and I’m not sure many of them knew either. But it didn’t seem to matter…the excuse was there to celebrate – and celebrate excessively!

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a good celebration. I had a wonderful time just last weekend celebrating our country…..and just mention a birthday, and I’m all about the celebrating! But, goodness, how quickly our emotional selves can lose control. Certainly the events of the past couple days prove that well!

I must admit I can easily become critical…and disgusted. Then, today, the children of Israel came to mind. After waiting for Moses to return from Mount Sinai, and what most likely started “innocently”, their seeking for a god escalated into a wild, wicked dance of idol worship. I think how could Aaron get caught up in that??? How, indeed. Not to hard to imagine, is it?

Instead of being so critical…perhaps events like this week should cause me to pray – and pray more. Pray for my country. Pray for those around me so desperately seeking someone to worship. Pray to keep myself unspotted from the sin of this world.

So I got a little off from Thankful Thursday….guess I’ll just leave it at A Thought for Thursday!!

4 thoughts on “Too Much!

  1. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised at how the whole MJ thing snowballed. He was, in his time, a really good, ground-breaking performer. But suddenly, folks are acting like he taught Mother Teresa her stuff; "global humanitarian"? I think there are a lot more people out there who deserve accolades for that than him. I'd much rather see the emphasis put on true heroes; our military, and kids who courageously battle cancer. THOSE are some folks for whom I can give up some love!

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    I definitely second what Pam wrote! People are acting as though they worhip and idolize Micheal J., and we all know what the Bible says about that! TRUE heros are all around…we just have to open our eyes and hearts to see them! Great post, as always!

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