The Trip to San Antonio

So, I did promise a bit of a recap of our trip and I have thought and thought – where to begin!?! (I certainly do not want to create a post experience similar to watching all our family’s home movies…beginning with Christmas 1977!!) Should I begin with the good news…or the bad news?? (don’t you just hate that question??)

I’ll go for the good……what a wonderful weekend! We were impressed with all the events and the ceremonies…we enjoyed some fun in a new city…and WE SPENT TIME WITH OUR SON!!! He is doing great and is so happy – which, indeed, makes us so happy. He did very well during those (very long) eight and a half weeks of training. We were so proud – and then with all the “pomp and ceremony” – and the patriotism – throughout the weekend……… was great!
The first event was the Airman’s Run that all graduates run with their flights, singing their cadence, to their last physical fitness requirement. The families line the street as they run by…it is a 2.5-mile run and they have a chance to run past you twice. Believe me, it takes two times in order to find your airman. Everyone looks the same!! We (like most of the parents) spent a lot of time saying, “Is that him?? Did you see him?…and when you finally do spot him…..WOO HOO!!!

See what I mean?? This is his flight later that afternoon marching in for the coin ceremony – a long Air Force tradition. (Jordan is the second one in the closest row outside!) The graduates are presented coins in a very special ceremony…similar to the turning of the tassel…and are “official” Airman. After this ceremony – was our first chance to hug Jordan’s neck!! What a great day!

The following day is the graduation parade – where all the flights pass and review and recite their oath. Again – very patriotic and moving…..and HARD to find Jordan among all the blue! But we did – kinda glad he wears glasses now.

The first thing Jordan “wanted” when he got his freedom was a Cinnabon!?!? I brought him some peachy-rings which made him oh so happy but I was surprised with the cinnabons. I don’t know that he is that obsessed with them but – funny thing – he had a memory of getting some while out with friends right before leaving…it got it in his mind and it just wouldn’t let go!! We were happy to oblige 🙂

We had a good time checking out San Antonio. Not exactly sure what I thought of the city overall but we really did enjoy the RiverWalk. (My picture is not that great but the ones here are beautiful…and it really does look that pretty!) We had good food – we went for steaks – and did some shopping. Jordan really wanted to go to the mall…not my choice for shopping but it was his weekend. Must have been a general idea for lots of airman….the guys in blue are everywhere. Folks are often stopping to congratulate them and Jordan even got his (second) Cinnabon free!! woo hoo

My brother was able to meet up with us – he lives in Austin (only one more month before the move to Virginia!) – and we all had a great day together. He and Jordan are so much alike! I do appreciate everyone’s kind words and prayers while we away…..certainly a weekend we will never forget. And, now…I guess the bad news – but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “The Trip to San Antonio

  1. Jennifer! What!? How could you?!

    Glad your weekend was great; thanks for charing the pictures!

    Mmm…. now I want some cinnamon….

  2. The river walk is pretty…not as pretty as it was 10 years ago.
    I am hoping the “bad” news isn’t to “bad”…actually I am saying a prayer right now that it isn’t.

  3. So glad you had a glorious time with your Airman! We are gearing up for our trip to New York next weekend. I always get so nervous when I am about to fly! Praying we stay ahead of the “Swine Flu!”
    Oh, I am so sorry there is bad news! I don’t like it when my friends are having troubles. I’ll check in on you tomorrow. ‘Til then ~ May His blessings rain down upon you today!

  4. What a fun time you had, Jennifer! I don’t blame your son for wanting a Cinnabon…my favorite yummy treat! I really hope your bad news isn’t so bad, afterall!

  5. Wow the river walk looks gorgeous!

    I had a sample of a Cinnabon the other day in the mall – it has been awhile; so good, but SOO SWEET! The sample was just enough for me.

    Hoping your “bad” news doesn’t involve a deployment of some kind…but if it does; we will just pray through it with you!

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