Our first winter Monday with snow on the ground! That’s right, we had snow this weekend – it wasn’t too terribly much and didn’t interfere with church yesterday so I can handle that, I suppose:) And it did not interfere with our ladies’ outing on Saturday which I am so thankful for!

There was a group of 29 ladies from the church that went for the day to Colonial Williamsburg – about two hours from our area. Although it didn’t snow, the weather was very wet, cold and rather yucky but everyone really seemed to have a good time. We visited historic downtown (this is where we all realized our hair was pretty much “done” for the day….goodness, many of us were quite wet!), lunched at Olive Garden (what a great job they did getting us all served!), shopped at the Yankee Candle Outlet store – an amazingly fun place to shop – and shopped some more at the Outlet Mall!! A stop for dinner was in the schedule but the ladies all voted to skip dinner in order to keep on shopping:) I was so happy, and fortunate, to be a part of planning this day. It was a lot of fun. Several have asked to do it again; hopefully, this will be something we can continue.

We came home to a parking lot full of snow:) Most of the ladies had driven to the church; my husband, however, had dropped me off that morning – and while he was waiting for the bus to return, he cleaned the snow off just about all the cars. He is a keeper, I’m tellin’ you! Yesterday was his birthday…..I sure hope he had a wonderful day – all the cards, calls and gifts reminding him how much he is appreciated and loved!! Oh, and he got his medicare card!! HA:)

After a fun weekend, time to get back on track tackling that ever-growing December “to do” list!

5 Replies to “The Weekend: Williamsburg, a Birthday and some Snow”

  1. Jennifer~
    It sounds like you had a marvelous time in Colonial Williamsburg! What a special trip at this time of year! I wish I could have gone, it is something I have wanted to do for years!
    It seems funny that you have snow and we don't!? We are awaiting our snow, too. I can hardly wait to get some.
    What a sweetie your hubby was to clean the snow off of each lady's car.
    I am off to work on my 'to-do' list as time is flying by so quickly.
    Christmans Blessings, friend!

  2. What a fun day this sounded like. I LOVE things like that. What a sweet thing for your husband to do. A KEEPER for sure. Have a wonderful day,

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Sounds like yall had a great day in Williamsburg. I love yankee candle too! and Olive Garden!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby,
    how nice he blew all the snow off everyones car! Sounds like something my hubby would do. They are surely keepers!
    Now get to work on that Christmas to do list!! lol
    I just finally finished decorating the house this morning, now doing clean up, but gotta take a break to rest cause I still have a cold,
    so I am starting to feel a lil ragged out.
    Have a Merry Christmas dear,
    Blessings, Nellie

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