banner_labor_day Welcome to Monday…Labor Day!  So today is the day we “honor contributions made by all workers”…oh, yes indeed – and I could go in all kinds of directions with that one!  Worker.  Um, in the kitchen and around its sink…working equally with the vacuum, the mop or the toilet bowl cleaner……or even in the yard – well, you get the idea.  Just havin’ some fun – but I really do appreciate all the hard work my sweet family does each and every day. Not sure that Hubbie got much time off from “working” but, somehow, chores around the yard and house can actually be enjoyable – especially when we are all working together.   Today we cleaned out all the summer flowers, brush, etc.  They really were spent and now everything is cleaned and ready for some fall color – which we will plant once we get back from vacation.  (Yes, vacation countdown is on….) flowers 2 I just couldn’t quite part with everything just yet – the geranium is my absolute favorite – so I left a couple of the pots on the backflowers 1 patio.  Just a last little bit of summer…cause we all know “indian summer” will certainly be here in a week or two. I just love this little man plant holder that I picked up at the beginning of the summer –   flower guy 1 Somehow, he reminds us all of Tyler (?!?!) and has given us many a smile! I did get a new fall wreath on the front door (picture of that later) but that is about as far as I got there.  Not a whole lot further inside the house either fall welcome1 but it will get there.  And, for the rest of the day….I have to go to work – on Labor Day…go figure!! Smile  Hope you are enjoying some good time with your family and friends!!

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  1. Hello! We spent our labor doing chores too. Felt good though. I actually dug out all of my Fall decor and got it up. I am feeling kind of smug, haha. Actually last year I promised myself I'd get in out in Sept. as it just didn't seem like I had it out very long when it was time to decorate for Christmas. Can't believe we are to Fall decor time already though. Hope you had a good day at work. Where are you going on vaca? Hugs to you, Debbie

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