What Food Are You?

Hello Wednesday and welcome to the blog.  I’m glad you stopped by.  I have a unique, if not a tad silly, post for today – but I hope you find it entertaining and just a bit of break here mid-week.  I read this question recently and honestly did not have too much trouble answering it (to myself!) And then I had the notion to share it here.  But, of course, I am hoping you will share your answer – or answers.  So, what is the question:  What three foods would you use to describe your personality?  Yep, foods.  Three of them.  I actually thought of four but, not to worry, I will share just three.  So, in no particular, these foods rather “sum me up” nicely:)

1 – A Chick Fil A sandwich.  Huh?  But I don’t even eat chicken.  True, but there was a time.  A time that I thought I would have to be a pollo vegetarian (is that label even a real thing?) simply so I could eat Chick Fil A sandwiches.  It’s true.  I loved them.  And I must say they were so very consistent, if not predictable.  No matter the restaurant or location, you can always depend on a CFA sandwich tasting just like you expected.  In a very good way.  I thrive on routine.  I’m consistent, dependable and, yes, rather predictable.  But, hopefully, in all the good ways:)

2 – Dark chocolate.  Just yesterday, as an ice-breaker at Bible study, we were discussing our favorite sweets.  Dark chocolate was mentioned several times but not always in the same way.  It seems you either love it or you totally do not.  I suppose that might apply to me, although I hope not.  I can’t please everyone but, hopefully, feelings aren’t that strong.  But this was actually the first food that came to mind after I read the question.  Moody is a good adjective for dark chocolate.  Another good word – saturnine.  “Someone that is dark, moody or mysterious.   A tendency toward bitter.  Brooding.”  I don’t really think I am mysterious….but the rest of that?  Well, I better just leave it at that.  Honestly, I have been told all my life (all of it) that I am moody.  Maybe not my best quality but I will own it.  And it compares me to dark chocolate – which I LOVE!!  Even that picture looks amazing to me:)

3 – A scone.  As a side note, the Cambridge dictionary defines a scone as “a small, round cake that is like a bread made from flour, milk and a little fat.”  LOL – infer that any way you want!   But I think of scones as proper, polite and respectable.  And they make afternoon tea just that much nicer.

Can I insert random question here?  I know that scones and clotted cream go together like….well, like peanut butter and jelly(??)  But what exactly is clotted cream?  Is it butter?  Is there a difference – other than butter sounds so much tastier than clotted anything??  And do any of my American friends put butter on a scone?  I just cannot imagine it.

But, I digress.  I love scones – without butter.  Perhaps even more than dark chocolate.  And I just now realized something here.  All the foods that I quickly chose to describe myself…..well, I love them all!!  LOL  Not sure what that means but I thought it was funny.  So, what is the first food that comes to mind if you were describing yourself??  Share in the comments.  And have a great Wednesday, friends!


7 thoughts on “What Food Are You?

  1. I love your answers! I love that you readily came up with three food items and I love how you describe them and how they relate to you. And, then you realized you like all of them. Well done! I am drawing an absolute blank on the question but I would have to say that the foods you mentioned and the reasoning for them pretty accurately describe me so I will just use yours, if that is OK ;). I, too, love the predictability of things, including good food. I, too, have moody tendencies BUT I also like to think that I’m polite, respectable, and proper. So I identify with your food choices and reason behind them ;). No butter on scones for me and no idea what clotted cream is. As for dark chocolate, I agree with your analysis that most people either love it or dislike it but I am one of those people who like it depending on what it’s covered in so I can’t say without a qualifier that I love it or not. Have a great Wednesday, friend!

  2. Hi Jennifer~ Now I know who you are!! The three foods that would have to describe me are . . . Anything spicy, I love Mexican food, jalapeno peppers, Chipotle anything and yes, dark chocolate with chilli. My family would definitely say that I have a spicy personality. I also love bread, especially homemade bread. I’m not really a fan of store bought bread. I love cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies and pastries. My little granddaughter used to tell me that she loved to hug me because I always smelled like chocolate chip cookies! So, I guess I have a sweet side ;0) Number 3 would have to be potatoes, after all I do live in Idaho! The only thing I don’t like made with potatoes are potato chips…just not my thing. Very fun post! Now you know who I am! Hugs, Barb

  3. Oh boy this was so fun and I have zero ideas what answers I’d give! I do love dark chocolate and (almost!) feel like the darker the better- though I did find last mother’s day that there is a limit to just how dark of a chocolate I can eat and not temper it with something sweeter. I have zero idea what clotted cream is; though I always pictured it as more of a whipped cream but after Googling it a bit it seems like it could be similar to lots of things we have in the U.S but not quite exactly the same of course. I don’t think I have ever had butter on my scones but since we bake them fresh ourselves we tend to go for more sweet or fruity varieties and eaten fresh and warm they don’t need anything!

  4. How fun! I must say, I love those chicken sandwiches! And the lemonade. And the waffle fries with dipping sauce! Would you believe my daughter Flynn loves dark chocolate?? Kids usually don’t, but she will eat it over milk chocolate every time! Have a cozy evening.

  5. Good answers! Chik-fil-A is always good.
    We love dark chocolate here, and usually eat one Dove dark chocolate after supper.
    I like scones too, but I don’t know what clotted cream is. No butter on my scones either.

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