A January 2023 Daybook Entry

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine had several very nice moments -time with family and a super long chat over breakfast with a girlfriend.  Both were extra nice after my challenging week last week.  I do appreciate everyone’s comments and encouragement on Friday.  And here’s to a better week ahead.  I thought today would be a good day (as good as any) for a daybook entry.  Just a glimpse of every day life.  I hope you will come back later this week.  It is time (already) for this month’s Share Four Something post.  Until then, have a great week!

The Weather – has turned cold.  Extra cold.  And it does not help that the heater in our car just randomly stopped working.  Actually, we had it in for an oil change.  They changed two filters as well.  The heater worked the morning of the oil change but did not after we returned home.  My husband seems to think the two are completely unrelated but I’m not convinced.  In any case, cold air blows through the vents making for a chilly car ride everywhere we go!  I’m ’bout froze before we get anywhere.  I do hope we can get that problem resolved this week!
As I look outside my window  – I see there are two houses in our subdivision that still have their outdoor Christmas lights up.  There are HOA rules about that but, apparently, they are not being enforced yet.  Everyone has an opinion about HOAs…..mine are more negative than positive; however, I do wish the powers to be would encourage the stragglers to take down their lights.
This morning, I am – determined to get caught up on my Bible study homework.  We started back last week which was nice.  I was ready to meet again and really enjoyed the first video.  We are doing a Jen Wilkin study on Exodus. Sadly, I completely forgot the words “Bible study” once I left the building on Tuesday.  Have not thought one time about the homework.  Oh my.  Needless to say, I am woefully behind and probably will not get it all done but I do not want to be that girl tomorrow who has nothing completed.  Wish me luck.
Lately, I have been thinking about – appointments, doctors, insurance, more appointments, and our current healthcare system.  That last one not only gives me a headache but it really makes my stomach hurt.  Lately, my stomach hurts a lot!  How did we ever get to this mess??
What I’m wearing – sweatshirts.  I’m not really a sweatshirt kind of girl – I have two – but lately they have been calling my name.  They make me feel cozy on these cold days at home.  I actually considered going to look for one or two more over the weekend…but my opinion and/or desire to wear them could change on a dime.  So, these two will be on rotate for a while!
On the menu this week – leftover spaghetti – hopefully, soon.  I made a crock pot of spaghetti yesterday and it was delicious!  Spaghetti was something I really missed while on keto.  I tried several pasta swaps but nothing was ever exactly the same.  Welcome back to my world, spaghetti.  I did use GF spaghetti but it was ever bit as delicious as I remembered.
I’m looking around the house – and there are a few (a very few) touches of Valentine’s Day.  I add a few pops of pink and red in just a couple places.  It actually just keeps things looking fresh.  I always end moving a few things here and tweaking a few things there.  Things look happy:) 
My To-Do List – for the rest of the week:  dust.  I did a bit dusting as I was tweaking and moving things here and there:)  but the upstairs is in sad need of a dust cloth.  I have (more) appointments to make – UGH!! and, oh yes, Bible study to work on.  Did I mention that??  I am also planning a little winter/snowman fun day on Sunday for my Junior Church kiddos!  Goodness, I can’t procrastinate on that one!
A verse to share –  this one from a sermon I heard last night.  Such a practical, yet impactful, sermon on prayer.  It was one of those sermons that stays in your thoughts – and on your heart – long after the last amen. Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit……”  Ephesians 6:18a (emphasis mine).
And, from my camera.  Just a little sheep:)  A sheep on a shelf in my kitchen.  Sheep make me smile.  I don’t collect too many things anymore these days – but I do like sheep.  What is making you smile today?

14 thoughts on “A January 2023 Daybook Entry

  1. Sorry to hear that you have anxious thoughts on your mind and hope that you will be feeling more relaxed soon.
    Our weather has turned colder this weekend, and the frost did not lift at all in places yesterday. Today it was -5C when we woke up – the dog walk had to wait until it had warmed up a bit! I’m fed up with wearing my cold weather clothes – looking forward to Spring time.

    1. Five below….I think that is pretty close to our temperatures yesterday morning. Twenty-four degrees (ish…don’t trust my math!) but -5 just sounds so brutal! At least, to my Fahrenheit trained ears!! Minus anything is not for humans – lol!! Bring on the spring time weather – you are right!!

    2. Hi Jen~ I hope you get the heater in your car fixed very soon! I like to be nice and toasty when I am in the car, so you will be in my prayers for sure! I have been dusting all day…where does the dust come from in the winter?! I am with you on health care, it’s a mess, along with many other things. What a cute little lamb, makes me long for Spring. Hugs, Barb

  2. Sounds like you’re dealing with some medical stuff, which is never fun. And, I have to say that we’ve had things happen after oil changes – broken hoses and things that we had to go back and get repaired afterwards. Very frustrating. I am not a sweatshirt kind of gal either. However, I own ONE and wore it two days in a row recently 🙂 I should get one more to rotate like you 🙂 And we share a love of sheep 🙂 In fact, a friend was over last week and asked about the significance of a stuffed sheep I have in my office. There is no reason, other than they are fluffy and cute 🙂

    I hope you have a better week and get all your studying in. You can dust in between 🙂

    1. Oh yeah…another sheep lover! I think I need a sheep (or two) in my office. I spend so much time in here:) Because, yes, they are just fluffy and cute!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I need to dust too. It seems things get so dusty so quickly. Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t done the dusting recently. Planning to do that today and also dust mop and sweet the floors. Love your little sheep and I love that verse you quoted. Take care and have a good day.

  4. I hope your appointments go well. It all sounds stressful. Our current health care system seems to be broken. But I don’t know what a different one would look like exactly were I able to choose (which I never will!!). I wear sweatshirts on repeat in the winter though I don’t repeat a certain one often- I have at least ten, probably more. I just mean I am always always wearing one around the house. We have a little sheep almost the same size as the one on your shelf in our upstairs bathroom. It’s so fluffy and cute. I hope you’re having a good day. Stay warm!

  5. It’s cold here too. RIght now I am sitting with a heated throw over me, trying to soak up the warmth. I’m sorry about the car heater. It sounds miserable.
    Sorry also about all the appts and the state of our health care system. As a nurse, I see it too!
    I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, just have wintery things out right now. I love your sheep! Sheep make me smile too.

  6. I love cozy sweatshirts too! I have one on right this moment, in fact. I always have good look at Kohl’s for sweatshirts, but Amazon has some great ones too. I like them soft and roomy. I love your little sheep on the shelf! I love things like that are kind of quirky and have a few in my house…an owl, a snowbird that my friend gave me, nesting dolls from a Russian friend…things like that always make me smile. I’m smiling today because I have fun plans tomorrow- I get to go to my new job and figure out where things are located, and then I’m having lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. I loved reading this today! I hope your day was great, my friend. 🖤

  7. Jennifer, thanks for sharing a little slice of your life with us. I’m with you on the sweatshirts … and the Bible reading, too! I hope this week will treat you kindly and that you’ll find God’s grace in the midst of it all. Bless you, friend.

  8. Hope this week things are looking up for you. I am anxious quite often. Many times I don’t even know why. I will realize I am grinding my teeth or picking at my cuticles without even realizing. Exercise helps me burn off that anxiety. I need to remember that, myself!!
    Your sheep is adorable. That would make me smile every time I saw it.

    1. That little sheep is a smile bringer!! Exercise is something I definitely need to improve in my life!! Good reminder, Leslie!

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