A Few Things on Friday. The One Where I’m Thrilled:)

It has been a wonderful week around here.  Yes, the weather has been lovely but it has just been a week of quiet blessings.  In a lot of ways, a quiet “routine” week (which can be a blessing all its own) but also lots of bits and things mixed in as well.  I thought I would gather some of my thoughts here.  Not exactly a Five Things on Friday post….but more of a Few Things on Friday:)

1 – My brother moved to the city this week.  He was here at the house for a few days before his apartment was ready.  It was great to spend some relaxed, unscheduled time with him.  And he moved downtown – to DC – so not too terribly far from me.  I am so excited he will be living close by again.  He was overseas for a bit (before covid changed everyone’s plans) and then a bit north but has finally returned “home.”  I mentioned in last week’s post that I would not make it as a city girl, but he is as happy as a clam.  Moving went smooth as silk and he is settling in.  His things have been in storage for, literally, years since he left for Viet Nam.  Apparently, he is having fun discovering all that has been packed away.  I asked him for a photo and received this one from his breakfast this morning:)  Hopefully, city pictures will be coming soon!  I’m really thrilled for him!

2 – My son has been in Alaska for almost three weeks now and finally started his job on Monday.  He went early in order to get settled in but two weeks early might have been a tad too early.  He seemed a bit bored – especially without a car.  He has met his co-workers and made some friends and really seems to be enjoying it…which, of course, makes my mama’s heart happy.  He finally got in his first Alaska hike.  Needless to say, he loved it!  He is already talking about staying there.  In Alaska.  As in, 4200 miles away.  I’m totally not surprised but, 4200 miles!!  Again, I’m thrilled for him as well.

3 – I have mentioned it before, but several years ago I took a missions trip to Samoa.  It was amazing.  And life-changing.  I have kept in touch with the missionaries we worked alongside – as well as with the other members of the team – consider them sweet friends.  The missionaries are in the states for a while (on furlough) and will be in town this weekend.  Plans worked out and we will be taking them to dinner tomorrow night.  I am so looking forward to catching up!  Such a treat for me.  Dare I say, I am thrilled:)

4 – Around the house, I finally got my fall things out.  Every year I wonder if I really want “to bother” pulling out the bins and switching out decor.  I have really purged and scaled back but it is still a process. Just sayin.  But I have yet to decide to skip it and I am always happy once I do it.  We all like the fall things around here.  Have not anything to the porch yet – it just seems so warm outside – but we are all cozy and feeling like autumn inside (with the ac)!

I think I will end there.  Otherwise, it really will be a Five Things on Friday post.  Ha.  A few things I am looking forward to this weekend:  the Junior Church kiddos will be singing on Sunday morning.  We practiced (again) on Wednesday night and, oh boy, were they enthusiastic!:)  I hope they have even half that energy (and volume) on Sunday!!

And, we have a ladies’ meeting on Saturday morning.  We will enjoy some breakfast and discuss our favorite Bible characters.  I’m curious….who would say is your favorite?  Share in the comments – and I will try to share mine next week.  Or maybe the following week.  I am hoping/planning/crossing my fingers to participate in an Instagram Writing Challenge, hosted by Kate with Five Minute Friday, next week.  However, I don’t have Instagram so mine will simply be a writing challenge:)  Writing every day next week – Monday through Friday – using one-word prompts.  We will see how that goes.  Two posts a week can sometimes be challenging enough, if I am honest.  I hope you will stop by often next week (I hate to beg) but it does make writing less of a challenge!  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


15 thoughts on “A Few Things on Friday. The One Where I’m Thrilled:)

  1. As you may remember, I am new to Bible reading and Bible study. It is hard for me to name a favorite Bible character. But I like the story of the woman at the well. I love that she was far from perfect and yet Jesus took time to speak to her, and to wash away her sins.

    I am feeling just like you about the decorating. Still enjoy seeing my seasonal things out once I get them unpacked and set about but this year, I am beginning to really weed out things I don’t absolutely love. And PC is thrilled.

    So glad for your brother and son and the new chapters in their lives. Cannot imagine how things would hold up after years of storage. When we were military and moving all the time, I was always disappointed with how things got broken or stained or cracked or lost from one duty station to the next. The longest I went without my own things was about 8 months. I was soooo happy to be reunited with my things.

    1. The woman at the well is, indeed, a precious story. To think that Jesus went out of His way to meet her need. To offer her hope and salvation. Just as He did for all of us!!

      New chapters are rather fun, aren’t they? I do hope my brother does not find much broken!!

  2. You must be so excited to have your brother closer to you – I wonder what things he will find that he forgot he had put into storage?!
    As one family member moves nearer, another moves away – as in thousands of miles away! Gosh, that must be hard. But the important thing is that he is happy and that’s the best us mums can hope for. I hope he settles in quickly.
    I bet you had fun reuniting with your Samoan team – so much news to catch up on. How lovely that you have all kept in touch.

    1. Meeting up with my Samoan friends was wonderful! Just a lovely weekend!! I hope your weekend was just as lovely as well!! So glad you stopped by the blog:)

  3. Oh boy; my oldest often talked about moving to Alaska and while I definitely want my boys to follow their hearts that would be a really tough adjustment. It is supposed to be a really beautiful state though so you’ll have to plan a trip. 🙂

    1. We are definitely planning a trip!! You can be certain – but it will probably not be until next year. And in the summer:)

  4. seeing your pretty mantle is great inspiration, Jennifer. i’ve already started collecting some branches and reeds and a pumpkin or two. i think i’m finally leaning toward autumn even as i slowly say farewell to summer.

  5. Lots of good things this week at your house. How fun to hopefully meet up with the missionaries. A “week of quiet blessings.” Sometimes those are the best weeks. My daughter will say, “We had a quiet week. And that is a good things because nothing real bad happened. “

  6. Alaska?! Wow. How exciting for him! What will he be doing there? I’m not sure if I missed it from a previous post. I love all of this post and I love your fall décor. My favorite person from the Bible…that’s really hard, because I like so many of them! Paul, Joshua, Daniel, Esther, Barnabas, …. I could go on. Two of my favorite books are Esther and Ruth, but I often think about the unnamed women in the Bible. The woman at the well, the Samaritan woman, the woman with the issue of blood…and it’s those that make me pause and wonder what it was like for them. They seem like they’re normal women, like me and I would love to study them someday. My friend Barbee (that you’ve heard teach) wrote a Bible study on this…the unnamed women of the Bible. Speaking of, have you gotten an Esther book yet? I would love to send you one! Will you email me your address? (allboys@gmail.com)

  7. Thanks for sharing these stories and moments of your life – all of these experiences lead to so many stories, don’t they?
    You may enjoy the documentary series (three films) by Jean Aspen and Tom Irons. They share about their life in Alaska, after choosing to live in the wilderness for several months each year. Perhaps you have already seen them; the first one is called, “Arctic Daughter.”
    And I love your autumn decorations! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I have looked up the links for those films…and look forward to checking them out. I so appreciate the recommendations!

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