The Joy of Conversation

It is no secret that I enjoy mornings.  A morning person through and through, not only do I most enjoy the first hours of the day, but I am also the most enjoyable during those first few hours.  Just sayin.  It is also when I am most productive, most creative, focused, energetic and the most positive.  My world just feels good in the morning.  That said, 11:00 is always a particular highlight.

Every morning other than Sundays when we are in church, I get a call at 11:00.  Give or take ten minutes.  Without fail.  It is 7AM in Anchorage and my son is getting ready for work – usually fixing his breakfast – and he gives his mom a call.  Rarely a discussion of heavy topics but just happy conversation and a chance to “keep in touch.”  Simply because he loves me (and I love him) and we enjoy each other’s company.

Jordan does not call me because he feels obligated.  Nor do I pressure him to do so.  We don’t set a timer and make sure we talk for an enforced amount of time.  Our conversations are not out of duty. Nor do they make him a “better” son or even a “good” son.  Actually, chatting and staying connected just seems normal – not forced – and we are grateful for effortless technology that allows us to do so even when separated by hundreds of miles and an entire continent!

Today’s FMF prompt is prayer – and I hope you see the illustration.  And it is not an illustration I contrived or forced.  When I began to consider just what a privilege prayer is to me, I was struck with the thought of how Christ might feel.  Does He delight when I pray?  When I converse with Him and share my thoughts?  And, especially, when I simply want to be connected?  Of course, there are times when conversations are urgent, heavy, or even contrite; but how genuinely sweet it must be when I come to Him in prayer “just because.”  With excitement, expectancy and with an unforced joy to talk with Jesus.  My Lord and Savior.  My Heavenly Father.

I think I have a glimpse – just a glimpse – of how it must thrill His heart!!

18 thoughts on “The Joy of Conversation

  1. What a wonderful illustration, Jennifer! Yes, sometimes our conversations with God are deep, heavy and urgent, but other times, they are ‘just because’ we desire to stay connected with Him.

  2. I do not do chat and talk,
    I just grunt, varied inflection,
    so if you want to walk my walk
    be ready for a new direction.
    My nickname, Mongo, is well-earned,
    for I do look like an ape,
    and my wife and friends have learned
    not to gawk, and not to gape
    when, upon a day that’s hard,
    I will just let me be me,
    go out back into the yard
    and climb into the tallest tree,
    and then do that which I do best,
    roar and howl and beat my chest.

  3. I talk to my mom about the same time every day or try to. Some days those calls feel like a chore or a to-do that I have to tick off my list. Other days, when she knows who I am (or even if she doesn’t but is in good spirits), we can laugh or share a memory or I can tell a funny story about one of the granddaughters, and the phone call is a real pleasure. I wish I could say I look forward to calling her but many days they are difficult, strained conversations and the hiccup between her landline and my cell connection have us talking over one another.

    I was delighted when Mom called me the other day for the first time in months and months. That was a treat because she was very lucid and feeling well enough to call and chose a time that was good for her to have a conversation. Hoping she can do that again.

    Glad for your rendezvous with your son each morning. Those casual catching up conversations are the very best.

  4. What a beautiful word picture you painted for us. Thank you! I certainly think the Lord must take great delight when we sit with Him. I read a wonderful (short) book on prayer last spring that compared prayer to spending quality time with your spouse or your best friend…how if you neglected to spend time together each day, how you can’t help but grow apart. I cannot get that out of my head! It’s so true and I often experience that in my life, when I don’t sit with Jesus in the mornings. I know it doesn’t have to be a specific time, but for me, it’s always in the mornings. (I also LOVE how your son calls you each morning- how sweet is that? I know it thrills your heart.)

    Thanks for sharing, friend.

  5. I’m a morning person too! Definitely an early bird rather than a night owl.
    I’m so pleased that your son calls you every day ‘just because’ as they are the best kind of calls. My son rarely has a particular reason for calling either, and it is always a lovely surprise when I see his name flash up on my phone. I am so thankful for the relationship we have and I love that he will call just for a chat.
    How lovely that despite the physical distance between you, there is that special bond that keeps you in contact every day.

    1. Hooray for all the morning people!!:) Don’t you just love those “for no particular reason” calls!!?! I sure do:)

  6. What a beautiful illustration of our “conversations with God”. They should be just like your conversations with your son, happy, unrestrained, just because we want to talk to each other and communicate. What a blessing that your son calls you each day like that…that is a real blessing and treasure. You are very blessed that he wants to call you like that! That makes me smile. Thank you for sharing this today.

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