A Few of My Favorite (Summer) Things

We are two days into summer.  I’ve managed to get a cold.  Summer colds just seem unfair.  I also have complete laryngitis.  The weather took a sharp turn…downwards.  But – it is still summer:)  I know many do not consider this the best of the four seasons so, in order to help you get all the summer feels, I thought I would simply share some of the season’s best.  In my humble (warm weather lovin) opinion!

*more daylight and more morning. If you are a morning person, like me, that needs no further explanation.  If you are not a morning person, I don’t know why??

*cute tees and sandals are appropriate attire for just about anywhere.  I’m old-school (or just old) and still think there is a time and place for “real” shoes but summer footwear is easy…although, I have never been able to wear flip-flops.  Who thinks those are comfortable?!?

*iced tea.  It seems the era of farmhouse decor and Hobby Lobby signs has made summer’s drink somewhat of a “thing” but, truth is, tea over ice is just so refreshing.  A hundred times better than lemonade!

*the scents of summer.  Coconut and watermelon are two of my favorites for all my candles, body wash, hand soaps, lotions, etc.  And I do love the smell of fresh-cut grass, chlorine, and even sunscreen but I haven’t found candles for those yet.

*el fresco dining.  Breakfast on the patio.  Evening coffees on the porch.  Weekend meals at our favorite Mexican spot.  Soft serve ice cream at sticky cafe tables.  Ok, maybe not the sticky…

*ice cream.  Truthfully, I really only enjoy ice cream in the summer.  I can easily pass on the treat any other time of year.  But the experience of enjoying summer ice cream is too good to miss.  What flavor is your favorite?  We also still have an ice cream truck that comes through the neighborhood most evenings.  I have no idea how much that costs these days but it brings back a lot of memories!

*seeing the neighbors.  Goodness, but we do all seem to hibernate during the cold months.  I enjoy seeing people.  Chatting with my neighbors.  I don’t really yardsale but all of the neighborhoods around me have large yard sales and we often walk through the streets just to visit with everyone.  I also love to hear the kids playing outside.  Watching them ride their bikes towards the pool.

*farm markets.  I do enjoy fresh produce – it’s blueberry season right now – but I really just enjoy the markets.  I never leave without squash, though.

*summer’s blooms.  My crape myrtle bloomed yesterday – right on cue.  The porch planters are full to overflowing with impatiens.  Our new hydrangeas are struggling (after a late frost this past spring) but we think they are going to make it.  And geraniums are my all-time favorite.  Sadly, I only have one this year:(

*deeper Bible study on my own.  I really enjoy Bible studies and getting together with other ladies to study God’s word but most of those happen during the school year.  During the summer, I enjoy digging in on my own.  Right now I am studying women of the Bible.

*lighter meals…and summer’s food.  Give me all the cheese-covered comfort foods – but in the fall, please.  This time of year, I love all the squash, zucchini, salads, limas, and the list goes on.  The vegetables are pretty much amazing right now which makes my vegetarian heart quite happy.  And full:)

This list is a bit more than “a few” of my favorite things – and I could think of more if you still are not convinced.  Whether summer is your favorite or not, I’d love to know what you are enjoying this season!  Glad you stopped by today –


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite (Summer) Things

  1. These are so many of my favorites too! I never used to like or wear flip flops at all but a few years ago my mother in law bought me 2 pairs of high end flip flops to try and swore I’d love them.. she was right and now I rarely wear anything else!

  2. Tomorrow morning I get to stay at home!! Yay!! And I hope to spend some time on the patio with my smoothie and coffee and Bible study. It has been so hot that after about 10 am, it is almost too miserable to be out long.

    I saw some really cute flip flops on Pinterest that I am thinking I need to order. They would be super cute with summer dresses and would look a little dressier than my Old Navy flippies.

    Thanks for sharing some of your favorite summer things. Great list.

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