A Few Words When You Need Encouragement

Here we are headed into the weekend again.  This week seemed to go by fairly quickly.  Seemed very much like most weeks so not sure the difference but that’s okay.  Before I jump into today’s post, I wanted to thank everyone that commented on Wednesday’s post.  There were some great answers….and I found myself nodding, “Me, too!” quite often.  I was a bit concerned that I might ruffle feathers but everyone seemed to have fun with it.  Even my Lexus driving friends:)  And a few others with differing opinions.  Which is great.  So glad we are all adult here:)

Funny side note.  I was re-reading the post (for some odd reason that I cannot remember just at this minute) and noticed a rather funny error.  Not exactly a typo (I hate it when I find those!) but just a flat mistake.  I said in the post that I do not drink eight ounces of water a day.  Eight ounces?  My goodness, do I even take a drink??  That was supposed to read, “I do not drink eight glasses of water a day.”  For the record, I typically drink about six glasses.  Or 48 ounces.  But I said not even eight?!?  Too funny. But no one mentioned it….so I’m just hoping everyone knew what I meant.  I’ve no idea but I did get a laugh.

Enough about Wednesday’s post.  Let’s move on to Friday.  And, to be honest, I do not have much of a post today.  Yesterday was not one of my finest days.  I had an appointment.  I did not sleep well the night before probably overthinking the appointment.  I arrived stressed and anxious.  And things did not go well.  For me and certainly not for the unsuspecting staff.  The rest of day left me totally rattled….and unable to coherently put together my original post.

I spent some time in prayer.  Read my Bible some and tried to quiet my heart a bit.  I thought I would just leave you with a few of the things that were encouraging to me yesterday. I did find this photo on Pinterest and made myself a new screensaver.  Jen has mentioned doing this and I borrowed her idea.  The things I find don’t always fit on my smaller screen but this one was perfect.  I certainly look at my phone often enough.  So, hopefully, it will be a good reminder for me.

I also found this quote.  On Pinterest as well.  It says:  Sometimes all you can do is accept there’s not much you can do.  And sometimes all you can control is how well you let go of control.  I think I might print that off on Canva (if I can ever figure out how to create something on Canva in under three hours!) for a small frame in my bathroom.  Would be a good reminder for me each morning.  Things have been very much out of control (at least, out of my control) lately, but I always have the choice (and control) over my response…and how I let go of control.  Admittedly, it needs some work.  Sigh.

Lastly, I came across this prayer that I had cut out and pasted into one of my notebooks.  While I do not journal, I do have (plenty/too many) notebooks of things I want to remember.  Things that have inspired me, convicted me or encouraged me.  Sadly, there are not ordered in any way and since there are so many, I rarely go back and reread – or take advantage – of any of the wisdom gathered in those notebooks.  But yesterday I opened right to this prayer.  It is a bit longer so I will leave it for you and close here.  (Unfortunately, I do not know where I originally found this so I cannot give it due credit.  But it is not original to me.)  Have a blessed weekend, friends.  I am asking God for one here as well!!

Dear Lord,  There are some aspects of my life that have not turned out like I thought they would.  There are shattered dreams and many things I do not understand.  However, I do know this.  You are a loving God and nothing happens to me that You cannot use for Your glory.  Help me to be open to see the good in the circumstances that seem at times to be so hard.  I choose to believe that You can redeem every situation in my life and use it for good.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

14 thoughts on “A Few Words When You Need Encouragement

  1. You know it’s funny but I did notice the eight ounces of water in your Wednesday post and thought that surviving on very little water consumption must be your super power ;). I am glad to hear that you meant glasses not ounces. I got thirsty just reading that line (I have no idea how much water I drink during the day but it’s a lot. I drink water non stop and get stressed if I’m in a place for more than an hour and don’t have access to water). Speaking of stress, I am so sorry to hear about your appointment not going well and the stress you felt and must be feeling now. I know you know the Lord hears your prayers. I hope that brings you comfort. I’ll pray for you, friend ♥.

  2. Hi Jennifer~ This post is exactly what I needed to read today…and the prayer at the end is beautiful, and one I will use often. I have found that at this stage in my life, things don’t alway (almost never) turn out the way I think they should. Going through a medical challenge has taught me that I need to roll with the punches. I have spent many hours in prayer and I find that to be my best comfort. Gentle Hugs, Barb

  3. I had assumed that you didn’t mean 8 ounces and must have meant 8 8ounce glasses because otherwise I would have been really worried about you getting dehydrated! LOL. I really hate when I find typos or spelling/grammar errors on my posts but I am really bad about catching them while proof reading– the moment they publish, however, I often find at least 1 or 2!
    I really needed to read this post today; we didn’t have the greatest day yesterday either after getting some upsetting news about the health of a family member and this really did help me!

  4. Love your thoughts, Jennifer, how much time I waste overthinking, or obsessing over something I can neither control nor change. I’m learning to breathe, and rest, if only a few moments in the Lord’s Presence, leaving everything in His hands.

    1. Donna, thank you so much. So glad you stopped by today. Always blessed when you visit and your encouraging comments!

  5. Some days just need do-overs, don’t they? But His mercies are new each and every morning, thank the Lord! I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  6. Amen to your last paragraph. So very true! God can redeem anything and anyone! Hope you are feeling better today and I hope you have a good weekend.

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