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Five Minute Friday – a sweet community of writers that take a prompt and write (largely) unedited for five minutes.  To learn more about it or to find the other writers, go here.  Whether you are a writer or simply want to ponder…the prompt this week is GUIDE.


My visits to a local assisted-living home are the highlight of my week.  I love the sense of community, the activities we share and I love the seniors who live there.  I especially enjoy the pace of life there – not only the pace at which we enjoy each other’s company but at which we do just about everything.  Slow and steady.  As we move from one spot to another, I fall into step beside a resident. We talk easily as I help her navigate the hallways – watching for anything that might trip her walker and ensuring she finds the right path to her destination.  These walks bring me joy.  For a senior friend, they are reassuring, a help and, I think, a joy as well.  (There are certainly plenty of smiles!)

Wouldn’t we all benefit from such a guide?  Someone that will come alongside us – to share the journey.  To keep us on the right path and headed in the right direction.  Someone watching for anything that might trip us or cause us to fall.  Someone who wants to help guide us through life, not for any gain or reward of their own, but simply because they care.  Surely, we would.


4 thoughts on “A Guide

  1. I'm sure you are a huge blessing to your friends in the home. It is a beautiful thing to take time to slow down just to be with someone and walk alongside them. I agree, we could all benefit from having people to do that for us. Visiting from FMF #13.

  2. Oh yes. We are not designed by the Father to do life alone. He is always with us but also brings special people into our lives to be His hands and feet, and enables to be the same for others. Blessings. Visting from FMF.

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