A Late Welcome to March

Hello Friday and hello to March.  Albeit, belated hellos there.  I missed the turning of a new calendar page on Wednesday. Actually, I missed posting anything at all and, so, today is a bit of catch-up as I want to continue with capturing my month in one photo….something I started in January (one month later is certainly too soon to drop the ball!)  This photo pretty much sums up February for me:

I hate to be redundant and, no doubt, some of you are tired of reading about my long and weary February (I apologize) but if I am going to “sum it up,” well this photo does it best.  Hospital visits, more than enough meds (pain and otherwise) and a healthy dose of scripture, time in the word and prayer.  Lots of prayer….my own prayer pleas as well as the prayers of so many others.  Yes, there were some highlights (and answers to prayers) this past month but, if I’m honest, it will go down in the history books, for me, as the month of hurting.

Not exactly the most encouraging post but it does remind me how far I have come…..and, in the future, when hard days come again (and they no doubt will), I can remember after the Februarys of life, March will come.  A fresh day will come.  A new month does come.  God is faithful and joy DOES come in the morning.  It just might take a few mornings:)

I am determined to look for the beauty – and the joy – in this new month ahead.  I have new (health) challenges in the next few weeks but will not mention them much here on the blog.  I am determined it will not be my focus and I look forward to getting back to “more normal” posts:)  Nevertheless, the joy is there to be found.  Let me know what you are looking forward to in this fresh new month!  Here’s to enjoying a few unanticipated blessings!!

7 thoughts on “A Late Welcome to March

  1. I am sorry to hear of new health challenges but so heartened to read of your positive, Christ centered attitude. (Seriously, I am tearing up right now!) I will keep you in my prayers. I am looking forward to planting seeds and seedlings. Seeing plants emerge where seeds were placed in the ground never ceases to amaze me and then getting produce from the plants (if that happens!!) is the icing on the cake. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I’m so sorry you are dealing with some physical challenges but our God is a HEALER! I can say I have FINALLY after MUCH prayer and crying out to our Father, that i am finally NOT gettingdaily headaches (had them from last April until just this past January). I know GOd had a reason for me to persevere and ignore the medical doctors/allergists I saw and He led me to what the issue was! GLory to God and I KNOW He will get you through this, too.
    THis month? I’m looking forward to helping with a baby shower for my PreK site supervisor, and planning some April Hikes in the mountains. Also finishing up our small group Bible study with my husband.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that February was not a good month for you. But how important it is to document the downs as well as the ups. It provides reassurance for others who may be struggling and feel they are alone and also makes you appreciate the better times when they come. Every day brings you a step closer to recovery – just rest and follow doctors orders!
    Lighter mornings and later sun sets really make it feel as if spring isn’t too far away, even if the weather forecast for the next week or so is cold, followed by more cold. Our front garden now has all the daffodils and crocuses in bloom and the tulips aren’t far behind. Oh how the sight of fresh flowers cheers me up!
    Hope you have a good weekend x

  4. I think we might have had a bit of the same February. I’d like to see the backs of docs and tests and such but not likely in March. Maybe April. Meanwhile, we soldier on and find the good things that matter. For me, that’s our grands, changing up the house for spring, lovely dinner and evenings with Rick and my Lizzie-cat who always makes me laugh. That and a good book and my paints and the rest seems less significiant!

    Thanks so much for coming by Marmelade Gypsy the other day. Happy weekend.

  5. I think you said that very well. It’s always good to look back and see how God is with us during those tough times. and when we are in them, to remember it again!

  6. Jennifer, even though you are facing new health struggles this month, I hope they are easier than last month!! I am continuing to pray for you! I finally got around to sharing my month’s picture a little while ago. It has been on my mind for about a week, I couldn’t find the time to write it out. I also hope that you continue to need fewer pain meds and are healing well. https://encounterswiththedavisfamily.blogspot.com/2023/03/favorite-picture-from-february.html

  7. Continuing in prayer for you as you continue to recover and regain your strength. May you feel God’s presence with you every step of the way. I know I’ve been through some surgeries and medical challenges in the past, and it’s no fun going through it, but oh so wonderful when you finally begin to get back to some kind of “normal”. May God be with you and give you renewed strength and peace of mind each new day. (((hugs))) and prayers.

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