A Look at the Small Things: Autumn 2022

Obviously, summer is officially over but, truthfully, fall is well on its way to over as well. Winter temps are expected every night this week.  So, I thought it was a good time to review some of the “small things” of late.  Shall I say, the small things of autumn?  Just the simple things of this season that I might otherwise overlook, or miss, and that I want to remember.

Something I accomplished.  I made it to six months of keto.  There is much I like (really like) about this way of eating.  There is also quite a bit that is challenging for me – especially as a vegetarian.  Keto and carnivore make much more sense.  Not exactly sure how I want to move forward from here but it does seem to consume my thoughts much more than necessary, so I hope to have direction soon.

A few, random, things I’ve been reminded of.  Life is fragile…and life does come to an end.  I know that sounds obvious but, truthfully, how often does that truth impact our days?  One of my senior friends is in her final days.  Does she have 30 days left?  60?  Maybe a few more but, most likely, much less.  But that is the reality…we do not know.  We cannot presume nor take for granted the number of our days.  I have also been reminded what a difference it makes…..to come to our final days and be assured of our eternity.  The last days are still heavy with emotions (and challenges) but there is a peace that overrides all of that – and I see that every day in my friend.  I am so grateful for our afternoons together.  And even more grateful that she looks forward to seeing her savior!

On a lighter note…I am so thankful for modern conveniences.  Seriously.  They are something else I tend to take for granted – until they are gone.  Like our dryer.  It was (finally!) repaired yesterday (and has been running non-stop since…well,  almost.)  We were living like Petticoat Junction in here (please tell me you remember Petticoat Junction!?) and I have to admit, it lost its charm super fast!  Hooray for heavy appliances, gas fireplaces, blow dryers, and even our little Keurig.  I enjoy all of these much more than I realize!!:)

Last – not certainly not least – Bible study in person is so much better than by way of zoom calls.  I tried that last year and it had its place – I even enjoyed it – but meeting in person this semester has been everything my soul has been missing!  I love Tuesday mornings!!

Something that made an impact.  A sweet friend of mine became a widow about two months ago.  Many have done much to support, encourage and help her through these past weeks.  But two weeks ago, she invited several ladies to her house.  She reached out and planned a really fun evening for us.  She gave us a hands-on cooking lesson.  We made (and then enjoyed) the most delicious egg rolls and even tried our hand at making sushi.  For the record, sushi making is much more complicated and much more of a skill than I ever appreciated.  It was a great evening.  But, more than anything, I was impacted by her heart.  Instead of withdrawing or isolating, she made the effort.  She was the one encouraging and blessing us.  As we laughed and joked and just enjoyed being together, I was keenly aware that her grief was still huge.  I was challenged.  I was humbled…and I was blessed.

Let me know something you appreciate.  One of those little things/appliances that you really hope you don’t have to do without!!:)  Here’s to a great day ahead!

6 thoughts on “A Look at the Small Things: Autumn 2022

  1. I loved this post, Jennifer! I love the story about your friend who is newly widowed. What a beautiful example of a godly friend! I cannot imagine being able to do that, but I understand why it made such an impact on you. I also understand about living life in the last days. I honestly feel like that every week with Dad. He’s 91 and his short term memory has all but disappeared. It could be so much worse, so I’m thankful that is all that it is, but every week I wonder- when will be the last time? I cry every week when he leaves. I have also started calling and chatting with him every couple of days. Thanks for these beautiful reminders of living life to the fullest this morning. Much love, my friend.

    1. What a blessing – to not only have your dad but to live close, to be able to spend quality time with him every single week and that he is so mobile and enjoys the health that he has! Treasure those Fridays (and I know that you do!) Hugs –

  2. I really like the combination of deep and fun in your posts ;). Makes for lighthearted fun and thought provoking truths as well. So good to read and think about. If you care to share, I would be curious to know how much weight you’ve lost on keto. I did keto once for almost two weeks. I was shocked by how much I lost and how little energy I had. Keto and trying to run was not a good combination. I think it is important to remember how short life is and how little control we have over how and when it will end. I hope you have a great day!

  3. I was just saying yesterday that it feels like fall is already nearing it’s end and… leaves are dropping so fast and our temperatures are hovering just above freezing at night. I am so sorry to hear about your senior friend who is in her final days.

  4. Yes, doing without our modern conveniences gets old really quickly, doesn’t it? We don’t realize how “spoiled” we are until we have to do without for a spell and we almost are in a panic until the can repair or replace whatever it is. We finally gave up on having a dishwasher after so many repairs and decided it was just us here now and we don’t really need it except for when we have company, and they often volunteer to help wash up the dishes and we visit while we work together in the kitchen. But a clothes washer and/or dryer are a must. I have lived w/o a dryer and survived as long as the weather was nice, but I can’t imagine trying to live w/o a washing machine! No scrub boards by the riverbank for me! LOL. I am amazed at the grace and resilience of your newly widowed friend. What a blessing to be able to bless others that way. I am sure it helped her tremendously to reach out to you all and do something fun and positive again. I can’t imagine making sushi, however! I can’t even eat it! LOL. But I bet you all had fun trying. My hat’s off to her, and my prayers are with her as well. God bless you all…

  5. You have a wise friend to reach out and draw others into her home during her own grief. I am sure time spent with friends was like a balm to her soul. And now has impacted many as you share her story.

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