Share Four Somethings: October 2022

Hello Friday…and welcome to the blog!  I’m glad you stopped by.  Believe it or not, it is time for October’s Share Four Somethings.  This link-up is on the fourth Saturday of each month (yes, I usually jump in early) and is typically at the tail end of the month.  But October has five Saturdays so it is earlier than usual.  I feel like I am rushing things….as I am definitely trying to hang onto October and/or autumn as long as I possibly can!  Nevertheless, let’s jump into this month’s four things…..
Something Loved
We love our new carpet.  Have I mentioned that a time or two?  Or ten?  New carpet was installed in our family room.  It is not a huge room but, oh my, what a difference that new carpet makes!  And I’m still breathing in the new carpet smell.  It is every bit as enticing as a new car smell!!  We have never really embraced the “no shoes in the house” policy and, truthfully, I’m not sure that I am completely on board with it, but no shoes have touched our new carpet.  This is huge – especially for my husband.  It is also a bit entertaining as I am the self-appointed shoe police.  I hope it can last for a while…..although I would never ask a guest or visitor in my home to remove their shoes.  They obviously can if that is their preference but I would never ask.  How do you feel about shoes in the house??
I am also loving:  our Bath and Body Works fall candles (their candles can be hit or miss but the ones I got this year are both hits!), breaking out the crock pot for fall (the keto chili I mentioned was also a hit!), and fall festivals!
Something Gleaned
Let me simply share something I read earlier this month.  It included this quote from Ann Voskamp.  I do not think I have ever read anything by Ann but I saved several (more than just one or two) of her quotes this month.  Perhaps I should actually look into her books.  But, until then, here is a quote to chew one….with my emphasis added:
“If your prayers always happened, then you would happen to be God,” Voskamp writes. “If God thought it best to hand out the answer key to all the haunting questions, He would.  But instead, He slips His hand through ours because the key to all the questions is being with Him, the answers found in laying our head close enough to hear the thrumming lovingkindness of His heart. He is God, and I am not. He is the Word; let Him write whatever story He deems right and best.”
Something Saved
This part of the link-up is usually my favorite.  I think its both interesting as well as funny to look through my recent photos and see what I thought needed remembering.  But, apparently, nothing was noteworthy.  Or, perhaps, I was just so on my game, I remembered everything and did not need a photo to remind me.  Um, no.  I probably forgot to even take the picture!?!  I do see a pretty photo of my friend’s hydrangea.  It is huge and makes me wonder (yet again) what in the world we are doing wrong with ours!!  I also see a screenshot for this makeup.  It is my absolute favorite but I have a hard time finding it in stores.  Truth be told, I have a hard remembering the name…so I saved it.  Not terribly inspiring, I know.  This time of year, there is never a shortage of tree pictures!!  Enjoy:)

Something Achieved
This month, we added the new (needed) bushes to the front flower bed.  We also did a room refresh for our guest room.  I am planning to get a new bed and I’m hoping to find “a perfect deal” online but not sure that will happen.  I should snap a photo of the progress to share but we actually have “a guest” today.  Just my brother – but he counts:)  He stayed last night because he and Jordan are hiking today.  Cue more fall foliage photos!!  And we (finally) got the dryer repaired…and got caught up on all the laundry.  All told, what we truly accomplished this month was spending extra money! Ha.
I would love to know what you have saved on your phone.  It has to be more exciting than the make-up you need to buy:)  If not, share an interesting quote you read or heard this month.  I always enjoy your comments.  Here’s to a great weekend ahead and to enjoying the rest of everything beautiful in October!!  Starting tomorrow, find the rest of the link-up here.

9 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: October 2022

  1. We are a no shoes in the house kind of family (for us). We would never expect guests to take their shoes off. Some do because they know that we prefer to not have shoes on in the house. I love the new carpet smell and can imagine how much you are enjoying the new smell and look of yours. I was thinking that we *just* got new carpet upstairs but in thinking more about it, it’s been almost five years. So not really new carpet anymore! It sounds like the money you spent this month was well worth it. Gotta have dry clothes, right?? I guess some of the other stuff was extraneous but it brought you joy and there can always be a “no spend” month in the future. Have a great weekend!

  2. I laughed at the question of what useless thing I might have on my phone. I take pictures of anything I need to remember. Today I was browsing in Hobby Lobby and saw the perfect little trinkets for a Christmas gift, so I took a few photos. In a few weeks I will see those and probably have to really think hard as to why I have pictures of Hobby Lobby items on my phone 🙂

    As far as shoes in the house…I completely understand why we shouldn’t wear shoes in the house. If I think about it too long, it’s really disturbing. However, the few times I’ve walked up to someone’s door and they told me to take my shoes off before entering, I felt so strange and kind of offended. I keep some good rugs at each door and hope that anyone who walks in with dirty shoes (from rain or mud, etc.) would know better than to walk through the house like that. If not, I will clean it up when they leave. It’s not worth making someone feel uncomfortable.

  3. I’m glad you like your new carpet. I don’t wear shoes in the house myself but I wouldn’t ask guests to take them off. Thanks for sharing the Ann Voskamp quote – I don’t think I’ve read one of her books either but I always appreciate her words.

  4. It’s the small things (like new carpet) that can bring us so much joy. I don’t like to wear shoes in the house. I really love the “Flannel” B&BW candle. My favorite for fall. I’m looking forward to the candle sale to stock up on some of my favorites.

  5. Rejoicing with you, Jennifer on the new carpet! We don’t wear shoes in the house, and I honestly wish some guests didn’t either, considering the mud that has been dragged in! It’s funny how some comments mentioned they would not ask guests to remove their shoes for fear of offending them. When we were on the mission field, it was considered an offense if you walked into a person’s home with filthy shoes. And I guess when you think about it, it is rather unkind.

    Loved the Ann Voskamp quote!

    I actually rarely save anything on my phone-I forget what a great idea that would be!

  6. Taking your shoes off in the house is pretty normal around here! I can’t think of any of our friends or family who wouldn’t take their shoes off before coming in. I’ve now also become a copy of my mum and if we go somewhere that I don’t know if they have carpet or tiled floors I will make sure I take either a pair of slippers or socks to put on! Now I’m wondering if I’m weird – but I hate having cold feet yet would never keep my outdoor shoes on when visiting. Good luck keeping your carpet beautifully pristine!
    I have weird and wonderful things on my cameral photo roll – recipes, things that I see when I’m out that I may want to buy at a later date, not to mention plenty of pictures of the grandchildren or dog looking cute! I keep a photo journal with the 1 Second Everyday app so have to take at least one picture a day as an indication of what I did that day so there are often random shots saved as well.

  7. Enjoyed your blog post. I have house shoes, usually a pair of slip on sandals or tennis shoes but i must confess I also wear them outside. We have hard floors so I am not too worried. In the winter or muddy season, we do take our shoes off at the door because I hate getting my socks wet.
    Have a great day!

  8. Laughter is good medicine, Jennifer, and I laughed really hard at this, “All told, what we truly accomplished this month was spending extra money!” LOL Rejoicing with you in the new carpet, Jennifer. Yes, we have been a no shoe house for decades and appreciate how much cleaner the house stays because of it. I need to read Ann’s books as I appreciate her wisdom. I take way too many pictures to “remind” me of things! Ha!

  9. We lived overseas (Africa/Asia/Greece) and it was customary to remove your shoes before entering. We do not wear shoes in our house and we ask our guests to take them off at the door. It also helps to keep the house cleaner, LOL, and I am ALL about that. I would recommend Ann’s 1000 Gifts book, some find it hard to get into, but it’s really good. I love your comment about spending money, LOL. I actually saved quite a bit this month on my phone, which I don’t normally do, LOL, I shared them ALL on my post!

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