Good Monday Morning 10.17.22

Happy Monday Morning!  It was another beautiful weekend here in my corner of the world.  I went to a Fall Festival on Saturday afternoon – along with 3 million other folks who just wanted to be outside!  It was a bit crowded but the crisp air and glorious sunshine made it worth it.  I even found a vendor selling nothing but “delicious keto desserts”!  Yes, a brought home more than one!  I thought I would share a bit of daybook this morning….but a tad different than the ones I usually share.  Just keeping it fresh (aka not boring!)  I hope you will come by later this week.  Friday’s post will be this month’s Share Four Somethings.  Not sure how we can be that close to the end of October but it is true.  Oh my.  But that is later this week.  For today…

The Weather – has been nothing short of spectacular.  I think I have mentioned it enough…but I just can’t help myself.  I try to convince myself this can last until spring.  HA! Don’t you know this week’s forecast is for temperatures in the 50s (that is a 20-degree drop!) with low-temperature forecasts in the low 30s.  Folks, that is winter weather!  Say it isn’t so!?!
As I look outside my window  – I am captivated by the changing leaves.  We do not live in the prettiest part of the country.  Or even the pretty part of this state but, this time of year, I all but forget about that fact.  Everywhere I look, it is beautiful!!
This morning, I am – headed to breakfast with my husband.  He has his monthly men’s breakfast and I tag along and join some of the wives (at a separate table!)  The food is not my favorite -truthfully, it is kind of gross – but the chance to chat with the ladies is nice.
Lately, I have been thinking about – my health.  I am woefully behind in “routine maintenance” and trying to decide when/where/what I want and/or really need to do.
What I’m wearing – lately, I’ve been wearing several new graphic tees with fall themes.  I know this is so overdone but they are actually cute.  Sometimes, if you can’t beat ’em…join ’em!:)
On the menu this week – it is time for the first crock pot of chili.  I have a white chicken chili planned for my husband and a keto one for myself…which, truthfully, I don’t have high hopes for.  Can chili really be any good without beans??  I also need to make a pot of chili for a church luncheon on Sunday.  The theme seems to be pumpkins.  Dare I try a pumpkin chili??
I’m looking around the house – and there is so much laundry!  Well, a lot for us.  It probably is not much for some; nevertheless, our dryer is still not working.  We paid (way too much in my humble opinion) to have the dryer vent cleaned…and had high hopes the problem would be resolved.  We were sorely disappointed.  An appliance repair guy is coming today.  How much more is this going to cost?  And will I ever get this laundry done and out of sight??
My To Do List – includes (other than laundry):  working on my Bible study for tomorrow, using the end of our apples from last week, and starting to think through a small Christmas program for the Junior Church kiddos.  Yes, Christmas!!
A verse to share –  For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:  for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.  Romans 1:16.
And, from my camera.  I did not take these photos.  All that credit goes to my brother but he was hiking in DC yesterday and shared these with me.  So, they are from my download file (ha!)  Enjoy…and have a wonderful Monday.

7 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 10.17.22

  1. i can imagine how crowded that fall festival was, but I’m so glad you went and enjoyed yourself. I love that the wives meet while the husbands do their thing. I am curious what makes the breakfast unenjoyable for you! I know you’re a vegetarian…but I’m not a huge breakfast person myself. I do occasionally like it, but I rarely indulge. I never eat that meal either, but I drink a protein drink in its place instead. I never even used to do that until I hit about the age 40, then I had a need for not skipping that meal. Oh, the joys of aging!

    1. The breakfast is bad because of the restaurant. These guys seem to have settled (and appear to love) this greasy spoon restaurant! I have no idea why but it is just not for me. It’s not Waffle House -but close!!

  2. Now I’m wondering what was on the breakfast menu that you didn’t like! If you could choose anything to start the day with, what would you have? I think my favourite is toasted sourdough bread, with mashed avocado (with salt, a little chilli powder and lemon juice) and a poached egg on top. But that’s a weekend breakfast, normally I’m a cereal kind of girl!
    How did your chilli turn out? I would happily eat one that didn’t have beans, because although I quite like red kidney beans, they do not like me! I have to pick most of them out of my portion or I have stomach pains all evening.
    Hope you get your dryer sorted out soon – because it is a well known fact that laundry multiplies overnight if you start to fall behind with it!

  3. Our weather has been delightful this week but was damp and miserable last week when my daughter and her family were visiting. We had so many outside plans that were washed down the drain with the weather forecast. It was disappointing. But the weather has made up to me this week with cooler temps and a combination of sunshine and overcast, moody skies.

    Hope you will prioritize your health maintenance appointments and get that underway. I feel certain it is about time for me to have a mammogram. And afraid it might also be time for a colonoscopy. I have been dreaming about having one. More of a nightmare rather than a dream. We both need to take care of ourselves!!

    Those roots or branches or combination of the two in your brother’s first photo make for an interesting picture. When I substitute teach and ask the children to line up, they often look something like this tangle of branches/roots. I tell them they are in a big spaghetti. They laugh and then correct themselves. This photo features a spaghetti for sure.

  4. We experimented with pumpkin chili last year and amazing we all loved it. It didn’t add much flavor since the chili flavor is pretty strong but it added a nice creaminess that I enjoyed. We just had a home energy audit today and they were surprised to hear I do anywhere from 2-4 loads of laundry a day.

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