An (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Thirty-eight Years

Tomorrow is our anniversary!  Just thought I would share a wedding photo.  I have no idea why I chose this one.  Truthfully, I do not have a lot of photos from our special day.  Sigh.  Our photographer was not the best. Double sigh.  I believe my mother “found” him through a co-worker.  I’m not exactly sure but we were definitely disappointed with our photographs.  We bought the “proofs” (of course, nothing was digital!) but we did not order much more.  Quite honestly, at this point, they are just photos in a cabinet.  However, I did look through a few and, for some reason, this one was grabbing my attention.

I think it is the look on my face:)  We are (very prim and properly) sharing the first slice of cake.  And licking the incredibly melted icing off our fingers.  The cake had, just moments before, been sitting more towards the edge of the canopy and the backside of it was, unknowingly, in the sun.  When we stepped behind the table for the cutting, the back of the cake was almost dripping off the table.  We quietly slid the table forward, shared a sloppy but delicious first slice together and then cut the front for everyone else.  I do not think anyone ever knew of the averted cake disaster.  And the lady my mom hired to do the cake (also someone I did not know) did an amazing job.  The cake was amazing.

I hope there might be some yummy cake in our day tomorrow!!  With our without melting icing – lol!

9 thoughts on “An (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Thirty-eight Years

  1. I love the candid photo. Absolutely beautiful – more than a posed picture! Happy Anniversary. 38 years is quite the accomplishment and I sure hope you get some yummy cake to celebrate 😀

  2. Beautiful picture! We had a less then spectacular photographer, too. And we had an awesome cake thanks to a talented and special baker/ decorator (my mom!). You look lovely- congrats to 38 years. I hope a big slice or two of cake is in your near future ;).

  3. Happy Anniversary! Every wedding has its moments 🙂 Our photographer was a cousin and I remember it taking forever to get the pictures back. Beautiful picture you chose!

  4. I can say we were not thrilled with our videographer as she forgot to take a video of the part where my dad was giving me away. Also our pictures, from the same company, weren’t that good either. I hope you have a happy anniversary! Pictures are great but it’s the memories you keep tucked away in your mind that are special.

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