An Attitude Check

Whitney, at Come Home for Comfort, recently blogged about all the wonderful things she loves about living in the South.  She and several commenters mentioned all the sweet things (including the tea!!) that they love about the South and about their home town.  My heart has longed for the South for many years and I oohed and aahed over each special thing they mentioned.   (If you have a heart for the South, you can read her post here.)

And then I thought perhaps I should list some of the things that I love about this place I call home. Virginia – is it really in the South? or in the North? (don’t even say it!) or is it neutrally right in the middle?  No doubt, depending on where you inquire, folks would argue for both sides. Even Virginia accents don’t agree.  I happen to live in the northern part of Virginia.  There is, I am told, much to love about this part of the state.

** We fully experience/enjoy all four seasons.  But.  I cannot really include this in my list because, well, I hate winter.  Hate is a strong word but there really is nothing, at all, that I enjoy about winter.

** We are surrounded by history.  Rich, Civil War history is literally everywhere and within minutes of my home.  But. I really don’t enjoy history.  I do not visit the battlefields and, sadly, I do not appreciate all the history that is preserved here.  It’s sad but true.

** I have lived here all my life.  It is “home.”  For me, that was one more reason to want to be somewhere else.  Again, sad but true.

Actually, my whole thought process was sad.  The more I thought about where I live and where I wish I could live…the more discontent I became with exactly where God has placed me.  I have asked God – begged God! – more times than I should admit to send us somewhere new.  Some place with no snow. Some place with a sense of community.  Some place that…..and my list would continue.  Not once has He showed us some place else to be. The children of Israel once had the same problem. They were discontent.  Their discontentment led to complaining and, was so strong, it even caused a desire to return to bondage.  How twisted our thoughts can become when discontentment burrows deep!  The Lord did not take their complaining lightly nor did He overlook their dissatisfaction with all He had provided.  I am confident that He is just as disappointed with my attitude.

It is time for a change of attitude.  I will be content with this small corner of the country that is my home.  I will not simply resign myself to living here but will embrace it as my Jerusalem – the place where God has me now – a place to be busy reaching for Him.

“ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”  Acts 1:8b

And I will still consider ice tea the most refreshing beverage ever poured over ice.  But make mine unsweet.  Please.

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