July in Numbers

It’s Friday – and the another month is drawing to a close.  July was quintessential summer – hot with plenty of lazy days and fun times to remember.  Here is a look back at July…by the numbers!

FOUR – the number of doors down we were from “ground zero” during the Fourth of July celebration!  We celebrated the evening with friends (celebrated a birthday – surprise style – at the same time) who live in one of the quaint historic Old Townes in our area.  The fireworks are set off at the local high school and our friends live four houses down from the school.  It was loud and it was powerful!  The windows in the house would shake and, although I’ve never been shot, I’m pretty sure several times that night, I felt just like I’d been hit!

SIXTY – the number of years of celebrating for my sweet friend. We were so happy to be included in this special evening.  It was a great time with her family, too cute grandbabies, friends, yes fireworks, and even homemade ice cream!  Here’s to a great year ahead, my friend.

FOURTEEN – the number of Sunday School members who were able to meet for dinner – and soft serve ice cream afterward – for our class “outing” this month.  The restaurant was very accommodating and the food was uh-mazing!

TWO – the number of Saturdays and moving trucks that it took to move our daughter to her new place.  Why two?  Poor planning on the first trip.  Yes, we actually had to finish up – renting another truck – the next weekend.  Never again.

FIVE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND TWELVE – the number of calories I burned loading and then unloading boxes from the above-mentioned moving trucks.  Ok.  I can’t say that for positive – but, honestly, it was hot, both houses have multiple floors and that girl has a lot of boxes!  It might have even been more.

THREE – the number of lunch afternoons I have had with friends.  Most of my friends are teachers and/or some type of staff at our church and school – and they have the summer off!  That means lots of extra time for great chats over a long lunch!

FIVE – the number of weeks I have had a nagging and relentless cough.  Ugh.  I went to the doctor once.  She said both of my ears were infected.  Really?  Do middle aged women get ear infections? Not to mention, I was there for my cough.  The antibiotics did nothing.  And, so I cough.

FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN – the number of times I cough in a day.  Again, I might be guessing and/or slightly exaggerating here – but, just ask my family and it really does seem like that many!  Thank you to all those who have covertly passed me cough drops during church services – and there are more than a few.

TWELVE – the number of notes I have mastered on my clarinet!  Not many…but it is a start.

TWO – the number of trips to the vet it took in order for our sweet pup to have some surgery.  The first time was a bust.  Apparently, all those rules about no food after midnight before surgery apply to dogs as well.  If only they would have told us.  As soon as I (quite innocently) acknowledged that she had eaten breakfast that morning – the entire, super simple fifteen-minute procedure was quickly canceled and postponed.  Who knew?

FOUR – the number of attempts it took before two technicians could manage to draw blood for the aforementioned puppy surgery.  I don’t suppose she was in a tremendous amount of pain but she is our baby.  She loves to go for a ride in the car.  And then she looks at me with those eyes that say, “I really thought we were just going to PetSmart!??!”  Well, I feel like such a traitor.

ONE – the number of day trips to Lancaster!  AND, the number of fun house projects currently underway.  Both of those are entire posts by themselves…so seems like a good place to pause – until next month!  Here’s to a blessed August!

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  1. What a fun concept, to distill the events of a month down to numbers. I'm not usually a numbers gal myself (math is evil), but I really enjoyed this. 🙂 – Marie (mlsgregg.com)

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