Five Things to Love: Summer 2017

Summer is at its high point right now…..humidity, sun-drenched days, long evenings of extra daylight, cold drinks in sweaty glasses, farmer’s markets –  and produce departments piled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Blooming crepe myrtles, flower beds that need watering.  And impromptu trips to the seasonal ice cream stand. Oh, summer, I love you!

Here are a just a few things I am loving this summer – in no particular order:)

1 – Mornings!  I really do not need any new reason to love mornings.  I am, and always have been, a morning person!  And then, in the summer, morning comes so much earlier…and it is glorious!  We have a window directly above our bed.  From a decorating point of view, it is a bit of a nuisance but when the morning sun streams through that window and wakes up the room with light, I am so tickled to have that window there!

2- Netflix.  Although I have had Netflix for awhile, there never was a show that I was “just hooked” on – until this summer.  Then I discovered Call the Midwife.  I’ve heard others talk so highly about this show but never thought it would interest me, so I decided to see for myself.  I’ll admit, it took about three episodes before I was absolutely hooked.  But I was definitely hooked.  As with books, I had to watch the series in order and I watch about two episodes a week but I think I’m actually nearing the end – nooo.  I really look forward to each new episode.  I know.  Totally late to the game – but I do like it.

3 – Light dinners.  The comfort foods and crock-pot dinners that cook all day are great during the cooler seasons, but during the summer, dinner is much simpler.  We have much lighter appetites and, admittedly, I have much less motivation to prepare full meals.  We have been enjoying lots of veggies, pasta salads and even more sandwiches that don’t require a hot kitchen to prepare.

4 – Coconut and essential oil.  For washing my face.  I never dreamed I would wash my face with oil, but it is wonderful.  A few drops of essential oil (I use tea tree oil) in a small scoop of coconut oil – smells wonderful, removes every bit of my makeup, makes my skin feel so smooth and has noticeably improved the look of my skin.  It is the best.

5 – Devotionals on my Kindle. Not sure if it is the extra hours of morning or just the more relaxed schedule of summer, but I have more time for my Bible reading/study these days.  I have been adding some devotionals/suggested readings to my time and really enjoying them.  Often, I start a devotional and then find I don’t use it or enjoy it (one reason I don’t ever buy them) but this summer, I have come across several that have been great.  I am also slow to embracing my e-reader but it is almost a constant companion these days!  These early summer mornings spent in the word have been extra sweet this year.

2 thoughts on “Five Things to Love: Summer 2017

  1. I love my dreaded, but mostly use it for reading fiction. I use an app on my iPad for Bible reading. Totally love that. We love Netflix here. Glad you are enjoying you show.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I'm a morning person too! And I love the daylight coming through. I could use some cooler temps though. I'd keep somewhere around 70-75! Ha. Or at least 90 minus the humidity! I was doing a lot better with my Bible studying until I had a couple of super crazy work weeks. I'm hoping to get back on that this weekend! I use the YouVersion app and have found a few devotionals and reading plans that I love! And some I don't. Thanks for stopping by – I'm your newest follower now! 🙂

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